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A Creative Hierarchy

Ancient sorcerers CLIMBED THE WORLD TREE to become Planetary Angels*

before leaving this Planet... without knowing death.

*Learn about the fallen angels!

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This is about the how your mind is limited and what you can do about it. (top)

Life has given every one of us an incredible power… but you may not see your life that way. You may be unaware of your full potential.

We acquire power - ancient Mesoamerican Jaguar-kings learned some millennia ago - by climbing a sacred World Tree... i.e. by ascending the mythic Tree Of Life.

To understand the ins and outs of their self-empowering process, about people and our potential, I recommend two books that will clear up your creativity gaps.

The 1st is The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom and it tells about our hardwired neural paradigms, their links into history and how they create a social hierarchy. The book explains how that hierarchy has a pecking order and needs, and how they are largely responsible for our nasty and brutish interactions in the world.

We have reptillian brain circuits and we can be devilishly evil. Every one of us. (just throw a big enough bunch of money on the table if you want to see how minds organize...). We all have the potential for good and evil within us - but there are specifically bad people.

The 2nd book is my own and it'll tell you about how the brain is wired for power, and how to rewire our own neural circuitry for success and happiness. It's all about the « neural » paradigms for success.

If you break away from your own reactive worldview, you can proactively access and use new thinking patterns and thus access the strategic neurons that'll become the « creative capital » you can draw on later.

Stay ignorant and that's what you'll draw on when you need an idea.

We can access higher consciousness by being creatively loving - each and every one of us.

The initiates to America's ancient « sorcery schools » learned a springboard story that explained how humans can interact with Infinity... as a unified field of Light by learning to play 5 strategic roles. Using those roles, they climbed the World Tree and stepped off the Earth into spiritual realms... before they died.

Less created in 6 days some long time ago by a Creator who needed to rest on the 7th, the world - existence - is being created right now from limitless oscillations of vibrating energy (l-o-v-e).

Aware of it or not, we are all engaged in God's evolutionary play: The symbols change but the story's the same: Fire and Water become Air and Earth. And now, our next world is the realm of Spirit. And like the spiritual warriors before us, we are invited to participate in the migration.

Our perception is limited because we are relating to the world through our neural paradigms.

You can think like a creative leader. You'll find the details in my book - but here's an overview: Leadership is more tribal than scientific - even if science is catching on real quick.

There are 3 conditions that are sine-qua-non to a leader emerging in a self-organized system: Can-do, Want-to and Work.

1 - A person has to be aware of how to lead. This can you can learn.

2 - A person must want to lead his or her own life... Only you can define your link with destiny.

3 - A person has to act - i.e. you must define and actualize a plan and, from that experience, strategically adjust until you fill the mold of a creative leader.

Not content with being reactive to either their own limits or those of others, leaders influence the world around them in a tangible, value-adding sense. From recorded antiquity, the willed transformation of circumstances or events has

Understanding the process of causing change to occur has been called magic - so, in this sense, unabashedly said, the creatively empowered mind is the mind of magician, of a magus.

While there are a lot of schools of magic, the most direct route to power is « sorcery ». As the apprentice learns in Disney's Fantasia, sorcery means self-empowerment for the purpose of accessing and using the forces in universe. The Ancient of America - for example - left behind a worldview and social order in which any man or woman may become a Jaguar-king or queen.

The « jaguar » (the veritable king and queen) of the jungle was selected as symbol for - because s/he captures the spirit of courage. That totem animal is one of 5 that explain human evolution. The water serpernt, jaguar, monkey, eagle and quetzal represent brain/mind and creative intelligence.

Humans were intiated to king(queen)ship after first becoming fully aware that they are indivisible from a larger creative order. That Ørder organizes itself according to 9 governing principles.

Emulating Nature's ways, those Jaguar-kings connected with all of Nature... and created a highly advanced civilization.

The mystic language comes from those first explorers of human potential, and therefore need to be dusted off in these modern times. Ernesto De Martino, professor of History and Religion at Rome's Cagliari University (and author of several books on myth and magic) found that people resist the notion that we can exercise magic power over the circumstances in our life. He confirms - "The idea of magic challenges our basic concepts of reality and the natural order of things."

De Martino researched documents from our magical history and says they suggest the power of the mage, shaman and sorcerer is a very real psychic power, a power of their mind that's available to all of us.

Quantum physics can explain how the universe indeed does respond to our thinking. Through the ages some people have taken that fact very seriously.

Biologist Lyall Watson tells how cosmic law-and-order supports the notion of human psychic powers. In Supernature, he explains various phenomena from ESP (extra sensory perception) to telepathy and precognition, and tells how they obey Nature's rules. He writes, "Few aspects of human behavior are as persistent as our need to believe in things unseen and, as a biologist, I find it hard to think that this is purely fortuitous. The belief or the strange things to which this belief is so stubbornly attached must have some survival value."

Applied creativity is magic. By consciously applying creative thought to problems and challenges, we can cause something better to come into being. Instead of reacting to a situation, we can adopt a proactive attitude, become more creative and transform it magically.

From the investment in our creative capital, we develop the skill to transform the events in our life magically. Then the will to become a more creative person will pay off in unbelievable ways, the least of which is realizing great expectations by evolving psychic powers.

The bottom line is that by becoming a more creative thinker, we can profit from more creative thoughts.

The « creative hierarchy » (top)

(and its mind expansion...)

Olmec inscriptions record the names and deeds of many leaders, political officials and Kings. The Olmec indicate that their city-kingdoms were managed by a King, and that he was recognized as the ritual leader for the entire community (Winters, 1997).

The Olmec King is usually referred to as Tu. The term for ruler or governor is Ku which also means universal energy. Interestingly, some Olmec rulers are referred to as both Ku and Tu. This might suggest the Olmec geography was organized as a confederation of city-states led by recognized over-lords of a sort in larger areas, and a central figure who ruled their theocratic hierarchy.

After the Olmec ascension was completed circa 300AD, chaos ruled. In pre-Mayan times ('till about 450AD), the strong rulers who remained imposed order where they could through conquest. Conquered Kings may have been appointed to govern the post-Olmec cities they formerly managed.

The ancient "Jaguar-kings" had learned that our perception is limited by a personal sphere of awareness. They left behind a complete "teo physics" to explain how all this works and its repercussions on the spiritual plane, with the instructions on how to ascend - first into a higher mind and then into another Time-Space.

In their view, every human is surrounded by a illusionary sphere of mind which we project onto the world. As soon as you are ready, you can drop the illusion.

The ability to ascend off the Planet and claim your immortality - WITHOUT passing through the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death - is no small feat. The great sorcerers of millennia ago established a leader ladder of self understanding to guide themselves into heaven.

They knew that the spiritual SELF they were learning to understand is indivisible from creative forces that are maintaining the world. They knew we have a tendency to forget - if we ever learn - about our ultimate potential so the embeded the information in a matrix called the World Tree.

Imagine climbing a World Tree up a ladder with 10 rungs where level 10 means that you have realized Nature's creative intent: Physically accessing the morphic dimensions and interfacing with Infinity.

The apprentice to sorcerery's mind has to open to the possibilities of a Superconscious view and the potential that he (or she) can enter « Heaven » and use the forces in universe - BEFORE DYING - is a premise that is so foreign to minds conditioned on a reactive existence where you let death sort it out, or a religious boot camp and pie-in-the-sky-after-you-die.

On the first rung of the ladder, you'll be reactive to the idea that the potential even exists - Bah hum bug!! Paradise now by understanding the mind as a noosphere with Mind expansion, Life extension, Light migration potential. What's with the sorcery-bit in modern times? Prove it to ME!

Nature's principles of self-organization require complex systems to re-organize (that's the self-empowerment part) into more powerful systems. A human can indeed organize his or her own thinking for the pursuit of higher knowledge and climb the leadership ladder. Humans can (they have throughout history and still do) become apprentices to higher Ørder.

Whether the schools of magic, alchemy, heraldry, masonry, yoga or zen or other, or be they the catholic or episcopalian or mormon or islam or judaic hierarchies - the operative word is hierarchy. Get in line - we'll tell you when you are ready... we run a highly subjective order.

And like the saying goes: I know we are supposed to love our brethren as we love ourselves. It's a wise law. Action/Reaction - it comes back at you. But what happens when brethren have low self-esteem?

You'll become aware that unless you take complete responsibility for your own life's journey, and make all the necessary effort, all of the time, you'll only have incomplete responsibility for your SELF.

This is how the sorcerer's way differs so completely from all the others philosophies: This is Nature's hierarchy. It is totally objective. The criteria to graduation are easy to understand and Nature plays no favorites: Do or don't.

You'll reach rung 2 as soon as your proactive doings lead you acquire the power provided by its expansive and creative worldview. Grade 3 has to do with your own devotion to the arts and science. Climb and be initiated on how to explore your expanding mind on rungs 4-5-6. More than learning to draw or arrange flowers, your mind's creative exploration has to do with neural programming and re-programming. Grade 7 makes direct contact with Higher intelligence and now receives « inner directed » instructions.

After you jump into Ømega-point fusion, if you emerge unscathed, you'll know on how to experience rung 8. Kind of perfect judgment don't you think? You can do it because you did it! That's the only rule.

Grade 9 experiences the world on cloud 9, a magician, and grade 10 means you are an ipso facto planetary angel - in this and any age, interfacing with Infinity and ready to step off this world into the next... WITHOUT DYING.

Here below, you'll find the hiearchy of consciousness expansion and a glimpse at the curriculum taught at each rung. The beauty of the sorcery system is that it is TOTALLY self-directed (read the Olmec prophecy on human destiny). Integrating a grade's knowledge is the only limit to further ascension.

You'll be a « Planetary Angel » when the law of l.o.v.e. is understood, accepted and integrated in full... and not an instant before. That integration will bring limitless JOY.

Start at the bottom, at Grade 1 and ascend in Ørder as your sphere of consciousness expands.





The sacred or the magical paradigm (top)

Grade 10 - Planetary angel (The Nagual)

Interfacing with the superconscious and creating "Intent"

Grade 9 - Sorcerer (The Magus)

Stop time : Theres is l.o.v.e. as quantum forces.

Grade 8 - SELF-actualized master (The Christal)

Fusion Law, as above so below.




The creative paradigm (top)

Grade 7 - Initiate exempted (Contact)

On SELF discipline and hyperspace (+1) + (-1) = Ø.

Grade 6 - Initiate major

On power from magic ritual and mapping the inner world”.

Grade 5 - Initiate minor

Vectors in a unified field: On universal forms, forces and flow.

 The "conscious mind" and the "dreaming mind".




The proactive paradigm (top)

Grade 4 - Spiritual warrior-philosopher (I am'ness)

“ THY KINGDOM COME!” : Theophysics is an evolutionary science: Ascend...

Body, Mind & Soul: There are creative forces and there is resistance.

Grade 3 - Zealot

Magic as an Art & Science is being PRACTICED.

“Know thyself” as the key to personal power: It's all about perception.

Grade 2 - Initiate to higher Ørder

« I », Nature's mold, Spiritual Magic and SELF-organizing systems in Nature.




Grade 1 - The reactive paradigm (top)

Unaware : A man or woman not yet initiated to his or her higher nature.





We are selecting applicants who will learn « Theophysics » and sorcery.

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