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The Universe Is Creative Energy



Arranged as orbiting spheres of Intelligence.

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The principles of « Theophysics »

It is the contention of sorcerers that there are both an Active and a Passive side to Infinity.

This is an alternative to the « BIG BANG » material view. It is different in that it begins before the speed of sound, exploring creation at the speed of Light. It looks at the spiritual side of the « Big Bang ». It looks at the INTENT animating creation.

To grasp this particular spiritual view, you must look into the Nature of things with "objective subjectivity" and become aware of the master-MIND that is animating the physical world.

Phsyical form is molecular - and molecules have an atomic nucleus and there's a sub-atomic infrastructure to support the view that things are both - at once - solid and fluid energy (even if we don't see it that way). In fact Einstein's logic shows us that everything is energy at [e = mc2] and then quantum logic picks it up to show that this is always so. Max Planck expressed it brilliantly as [e = hf] - the idea is that - in a constant and timeless NOW - solid forms are naught but energy contained as force.

And so it is more than a shameless play on words to conclude that the universe (and all things that therein are) is in fact a continuum of "limitless oscillations of vibrating energy" - i.e. superstrings of [l.o.v.e.] (Infinity's Active side) in a hyperspace (the very Passive side).

Science can here affirm that energy is resonant Light "assembled into form" by 4 fundamental forces, in non-local and quantum ways. This perception is also shared by sorcerers, saints and mystics since antiquity.

All is creative Light... shaped by universal forces, that contain every form.

The sorcerers of Mesoamerica studied these universal forces and their natural laws with extreme subjectivity: They used their 6 senses. They kept careful notes for millennia to arrive at modern science's conclusions… and then they jumped ahead, pushing the envelope beyond today's knowledge and its techno syntax: Our worldview favors matter. Theirs saw matter as Light.

They discovered that the Intent animating universe is a sacred and magical energy. It's pure Intelligence, broadcast as an organizing « Consciousness ». That Consciousness interacts with subjective brains to become our personal minds.

Mesoamerican sorcerers discovered "teo physics" and knew that

the universe (and all things therein) is infinite Intelligence.

More than 3000 years ago, Jaguar-kings expanded their minds and used their seeing to predict events that have become astonishingly true today. The Olmec sorcerers said that any jump in understanding our potential must include an ascension of the soul - both into states of creative passion and then right off the Planet into immortality.

Those great leaders taught citizens to focus their energy on their creative self instead of their body self so that they could ascend from this world without knowing death. In fact those ancient prophets suggested that resurrection of the soul without its ascension into Light is impossible.

Ancient wisdom as modern science

« Theo » physics explores creative energy - the building block of the physical world (and all things that therein are) as a single, sacred, creative Intelligence - even if individual minds might not see it that way.

Theophysics has a structured logic that explains why this difference in our ways of seeing exists and what we can do about it.

Hereunder are the 1st seven (7) of twelve (12) principles that explain the "theophysical" worldview. The remaining five (5) principles are more properly for initiates to the mystery schools - but I'll email them to anyone who asks.



In a 5th dimension, the Universe is a « Time-Space-Consciousness continuum » and physical existence can be perceived as unified field of energy, contained by a creating MasterMind.

Find out how your mind is connected to the MasterMind.

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The 5th dimension is a configuration of electromagnetic energy contained by a gravitational force which - at an amplitude, a magnitude and a frequency that are beyond normal human perception - is a creating Intelligence. At this level of energy, across the Einstein/Rosen bridge into subatomic existence, the universe can be seen to be a sacred Light that's organizing Itself into "fields of force".

The physical world is a unified whole, an energetic Being, a super-Intelligence that's alive and aware of Itself. The essence (or the soul) animating existence is a creative, universal and sacred Consciousness.

Ten (10) qualities describe « Consciousness » in Time-Space:


In non-local Time-Space, the l.o.v.e. of universe emerges from a void as Conscious awareness. The Superconsciousness - i.e. the unified field of intelligence - is co-creating the Time-Space-Consciousness continuum by expressing itself as energy molded by quantum forces. Universe (and all things therein) is a limitless oscillating vibrational energy (l.o.ve.) contained by Hyperspace.

Light emerging from a void creates a polarity of energy/matter (+) in Hyperspace (-). The Light is available as the energy that is bound into into the forces creating form. Existence then is an interplay of energy as 4 fundamental forces in Nature and sub-forces.

Consciousness is a part of a unified field of energy - l.o.v.e. - in which fundamental forces become the secondary forces we perceive and use in the world.

Creation (including you and I) is the result of those forces taking form:

Celestial, Terrestrial and Quantum Mechanics


The Gravitational Force

::::Spin force

:::: Heat

:::: Acoustics

:::: Optics

:::: Electricity
The Electromagnetic Force

Hyperspace :::: l.o.v.e. (limitless oscillating vibrational energy - as inpouring Intelligence)

:::: Magnetism

:::: Electroweak force

The Radioactive force

(The Weak Nuclear Interaction)

:::: Grand Unification

The Binding force

(The Strong Nuclear Interaction)


(Collapses into black- hole)

(See it here)


Celestial, Terrestrial and Quantum Mechanics measure the effects of energy and forces in systems, and on the organization of systems.

Consciousness contains the energy of awareness.

The Gravitational Force measures the energy that is contained in the attraction/repulsion that exits in, and between systems that have mass.

(Resistance measures the force that slows down other forces in a system, or between systems.)

The Spin force measures the properties of a system in its movement, and the angular momentum that binds it to other systems in a magnetic moment.

Heat measures energy that is transferred and felt as e-motional intensity.

Acoustics measures the way energy can be carried as sound waves.

Optics measures the way energy is carried as light radiation, color and image.

Electricity measures the energy created by charged particles in controlled movement.

The Electromagnetic Force measures energy as a moving electric field indivisibly bound at a right angle to a corresponding magnetic field.

Consciousness measures energy inasmuch as it is aware of itself and responsive to outside stimulus.

Hyperspace is the void containing the l.o.v.e. of universe (the limitless outpouring of vibrating energy) before it is measured as fundamental forces. It is nothing as in « no thing », or as the “not one thing” that means limitlessness.

Magnetism measures the phenomenon of physical attraction in charged systems.

The Electroweak force measures the weak electric current that binds mass electrically to the Radioactive force (or the weak nuclear interaction).

The Radioactive force (or Weak Nuclear Interaction) measures energy in systems that are radiating as streams of decaying, unstable atoms.

Grand Unification measures the energy that links the Weak and the Strong nuclear forces and thereby assembles distinct components into whole systems.

The Binding force (or Strong Nuclear Interaction) measures the non-electric energy that organizes and holds a system together (or the energy required to separate a system into its component parts).


Hyperspace and l.o.v.e. seem to imply two things because individuals experience "the effect of paradigm", i.e. « I-not-I » duality as an indivisible aspect of perception - even while Universe (visible and invisible) is only one thing: a unified field of consciousness in Time-Space.

As duality is part the of process of human perception, 9 tenets guide subjective perceivers in their quest to become more aware:


The tenets of duality reveal that an eternal and omnipresent hyperspace - a quantum void or "no thingness" - is manifesting aspects of itself as a limitless oscillating vibrational energy (l.o.v.e.) and is there from creating the physical world and all things that therein are.

Existence, then, emerges from a void as a "Creating Intent" which is energy as [e=mc2], in continuum as [e=hf], and as infinite intelligence as [l.o.v.e.].

The continuum is arranged into eternal time (or motion) and infinite space (or being) bound together in subjective perception (or consciousness) by a periodic force.

This force can be thought "the bestower of Life" when experienced as Pure Light, or an "annihilating Death" when perceived as hyperspace.

Beyond our illusion of duality, the force is the Oneness the Ancients named God.


A principle of periodicity relates how a continuous outpouring of Light is emerging from an omnipresent hyperspace as the l.o.v.e. of God.

Existence then, can be understood as relative states of being wherein "formless" evolves into organized form: i.e. Hyperspace-> Creating Intent -> Light as a limitless oscillating vibrational energy, sub-atomic wave/particles, atomic nucleus, molecular forms, biological structures, matter and finally entropy from which energy tones back down to hyperspace.

The physical world is indivisibly connected to an infinite and metaphysical world by a quantum force with a creating intent. There is a reason for having life. As "biological structures" we can awaken to a perception of fundamental unity with this Infinite potential - the creating « theos » - by becoming aware of Life's "periodic force".

The force governs the ebb and flow between spirit and matter. Not either/or... both. The force has been called "soul", "will", "Hunab ku", "kundalini" or "chi" when an emergence as primal energy and "the creative matrix", "a Super- Nature or earth-Spirit or Mother", or the "creating or holy spirit" when a pure creating intelligence. The periodic force is revealed to individuals as they become more aware of their higher needs; consciousness can expand to allow one to identify with the Creating Order.

(READ ABOUT The 16 Steps in Human Evolution AND The 6 Principles of Motivated Creativity IN MY BOOK),


A principle of identity relates how quaternion geometry in the space-time-consciousness continuum creates the illusion of separateness between infinity and form by isolating humans into personal spheres of consciousness.

Separateness between things is an illusion because all things are in fact manifestations of the one causal « theos » and differences between things are then merely a result of their evolution in space, time and consciousness.

Our ancestors honored the causal force as "God". God the Father is primal energy as is it manifest in the force of gravity; it is therefore movement and therefore Time itself - an oscillation wave extending from hyperspace to pure Light. God the Father says of himself: "I am Alpha and Ømega, the beginning and the end"; I AM TIME..

And causal godforce energy is simultaneously God the Holy Spirit (or God the Mother) as the electromagnetic force omnipresent as Space itself. The Spirit of God is omnipresence. Mother-Father (space-time) are creating forms in continuum : I AM SPACE.

An evolutionary principle requires every individual to consciously bind with Life by becoming aware of him or herself as God the Son (this affirmation of life is often called the second coming of Christ, or being born again in the Spirit), or to s/he will remain (un)consciously bound to death (entropy is antichrist). Human form is then a result of an assemblage of the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces; humans experience these forces as the erotic drive and the aggressive drive. I AM OMNIPRESENT.

A corollary to the sixth principle - called The Rule of Evolutionary Motivation (also called the law of cause and effect or even the law of karma) - relates how a cycle of necessity defines the specific nature of each being's evolutionary progress. Outside of the "theo physical" continuum no difference can exist between any two things because all things are merely an oscillation between ALLness (the l.o.v.e. of universe as its creating intent) and "no thing" (the hyperspace container). God is everywhere, all the time.

Motivation's rule includes a potential wherein an individual wills a shift in perception and consciously evolves from a reactive worldview, to a proactive paradigm, then expands his or her mind creatively to experience Rapture: An awakening to a magical life.


All things have a theophysical identity linking them indivisibly to ALLness in a unit of oneness called a "monad" (The Father and I are "one"). Ten factors contribute to understanding how monads have both a metaphysical essence (a soul) and a physical beingness (a form or body) which are indivisible.

The "reason for being" includes awakening to one's ultimate identity, i.e. coming to see oneself as a physical extention of the one creating "Theos". The spiritual path is, then, a journey into "oneness" - an evolution into the way of theophysics.

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