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Refer to our brain/mind page to understand how human perception is "paradigmatic", how we are limited by a personal "sphere of awareness" and how we react to life with our hard-wired thinking habits.

Evidence shows that creative intelligence is not so much defined by what we think - as HOW we are thinking it. As such, we tend to forget (if we ever knew) that thinking creatively means by-passing our brain/mind's fixed memory-patterns by changing our way of seeing.

We can explore our potential by "thinking" in many different "creative styles" - each of which will cause new interactions with the neurons in the brain and forge new neural links.

Paradoxically, some new links will look like contradictions. Paradox resolution = Creative breakthrough.

The following tools are "thinker templates". Imagine how the world would seem "reddish" if we saw it through a red filter. Our CNS - central nervous system - is SELF-organizing and will align the paradigm-shifting tool you select below with "out there". This will have the effect of "making your mind" change. Each of the following filters on cognition requires your mind to change in a predetermined way. The context will determine the content. (Read my book for more details.)

Changing our mind for fun and profit is as easy as tuning into a new station on the radio dial. You decide "how" to think about something... and then do it, creating innovative concepts, products and services with the effort. Use the following tools and techniques. Alter your thinking patterns in specific ways at "will". Empowered thinkers will select as many different perceptual modes as the job requires.

Click on a name below to borrow that tool. Please put the tool back where you found it when you're done.

Abstract thinking
Lateral thinking
Constructive thinking
Divergent thinking
Inverted thinking
Empowered thinking
Strategic thinking
Win-Win-Win thinking
Breakthrough thinking
The Art of Stalking
Energy thinking
Empathic thinking
Sensual thinking
Storyboard thinking
Role Play thinking
Contemplative thinking
Provocative thinking
Influence Peddling
Enlightened thinking
Suggestive thinking
Image thinking
Epic thinking
« Inner fire » thinking
Heuristic thinking
Vocal thinking
Progressive thinking
Narrative thinking
HIT* thinking
Persuasive thinking
Analogical thinking
Organized thinking
Grimoire thinking
Thinking fallacies