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« Psy Power » (top)

This is about the power of your mind - your psyche - and how it is limited by your brain. It'll explain how every one of us has an incredibly creative potentialbut we might not see it that way.

Our mind is limited because our human perception is the result of how we assemble neural paradigms. There's a whole new language to deal with the realization. Described by many (Thomas Kuhn, Marilyn Ferguson, Joel Barker, Steven Covey, et al), the idea of paradigms is not new so this page will concentrate on the four (4) ways a mind can think: It can be reactive, proactive, creative or even magical in its ways of seeing, i.e. of perceiving and relating to the world.

Read on and you'll discover why - unconsciously or by willfully developing a more creative paradigm - you can make an evolutionary jump... that'll result in your ability to access spiritual magic.

My book SELF-Empowerment (How and why to invest in your creative capital) explains how our neural "models of perception" are related to our personal evolution, intelligence, motivation and self-empowerment. To see how brain/mind and perception are created click-> here.

I also explain how you can expand your "mind" beyond your usual perceptual field. The expansion transcends the habitual patterns etched in your brain so you "aha" important new realization. A logical synthesis explains how there's a "flow" of awareness, a creative and universal mind, out there, outside of our usual perceptions. And we can gain access to that potential.

Our perceptions are limited by neurological paradigms that act like templates which shape our worldview. These paradigms are the context that assemble our personal beliefs - and thus our metaphysical rules. laws and memes.

Imagine that magical thinking is sort of like a connect the dots game - except with your neurons; we are constantly linking neural pathways in our brain to make up our mind. Individual choices and tastes then, depend on "how" we connect our neurons - i.e. under what emotive conditions an experience is remembered, a desire is felt or knowledge is acquired will mark whether it'll be self-empowering or self-sabotaging.

Once etched, neuropathways impose memories which become paradigmatic templates when building future. From an infinite potential, the "effect of paradigms" reduces our choices by obliging our memory to regurgitate images and expectations in pre-conceived patterns. Paradigms then - are defined as the limits that act as the framework to our perceptions.

The mystery of "awareness" : When I was six years old, an aunt - who lived in Bogotà, Colombia - came to our home for the Christmas holidays laden with exotic gifts from that far away place. These included a Boa skin for my dad and a silver ring adorned with an amazing mask that she gave me.

A remnant of Olmec art, it became my passport into a world of mystery and magic. Strange circumstances and a fascinating - lifelong - trail of riddles followed.

That ring intrigued me and caused to seek answers that led to the doings of an ancient Mesoamerican culture. I asked questions of the universe in rituals featuring the ring... and got answers. Some questions came with awe inspiring dreams and visions... like about the meaning of the giant "stone balls" found in the jungles of Central America? Where did they come from? Where did those people learn the mathematics and technology to make them? How did they transport them to isolated jungle areas and why? And many others.

My wonder never abated and more than four decades later I'm still awed whenever I discover something new about those doings more than 3000 years ago. After spending many years tracking down answers, the last 15 of them exploring jungles from Mexico to Panama, many of the secrets can now be revealed.

The ancient Olmec communicated with the universe in sub-atomic frquencies - i.e. at a level where smallness causes space-time to stop being solid matter instead becoming a fantastic bubbling of blackholes and superstring microbridges - an infinitesimal web of filaments of "Light"... consciousness.

At higher energy configurations, the Olmec sorcerers discovered, all is a morphic dreamscape; a single Superconsciousness. The physical world's building block is "pure energy". The universe is a ceaseless agitation of consciousness - a constant flow of Mind. Imagine the material world constructed of soap suds wherein each bubble occupies a unique region of space, where every thing occupies a unique cell in a MasterMind, and you'll have right idea.

At subatomic levels, reality is Light as universal energy is churned into bubbles of matter from inside out. Each bubble is created from awareness itself - i.e. Pure intelligence which exists independently in that fraction of space and for that fraction of time before reconnecting with ALL in the "no thingness" (i.e.before time). As described by mystics, saints and near-deathers from time immemorial, God is Light. And the Light is configured as bubbles, spheres. Each sphere is linked to all others by sharing an inside - an Absolute Center.

Awareness has form.

The ancient Olmec discovered a universe of living intelligence, a unified field of oscillating Light, and Life. And our latest sciences concurs. The very big and the very small - i.e. general relativity and quantum mechanics - are linked in a fundamental unit called Planck's length. It is the same as the geometrical mean of Compton's wavelength and Einstein's gravitational radius. It is expressed as [1 = square root - hf/c] and measures about [10-33 ] centimeter. Beyond this, the physical forces become a unified 10 dimensional "hyperspace".

Pure "awareness" is perceived in the fifth dimension.

3000 years ago, American sorcerers found that the Primal Fire of creation is present and concentrated at the center of each human "noosphere" and then learned how to access this infinite intelligence by aligning themselves with the fifth dimension and co-created reality. And they learned to gather "power" as:

Energy contained = Force

Force focused = Power

Power - Obstruction = Vitality

When deeply considered this is important stuff. "Universal" means good for everybody, all the time. Legends say the Ancients also learned to transmigrate from this world to an "other" without knowing death. America's "forests of kings" were home to great sorcerer-sages.

The knowledge, experience and desires of the Olmec civilization were centered on spiritual and creative self-actualization. They left behind a rich and magickal legacy which we explore in theme tours through Costa Rica.

Noospheres on a Biosphere...(top)

(...moving about a heliosphere and a hypersphere)

The cult of the "Jaguar-kings" discovered that humans are created of fibers of awareness, of sacred "Light" (Ku). They also found that every point in the space-time continuum is an energetic oscillation of that Light, a morphic Intelligence. "Assemblages" of its oscillation are amassed into individual spheres of consciousness - egg-shaped noospheres - by space-time itself. Concentrations (Hunab Ku) of that sacred awareness amass at the center of every sphere by gravitation and extend to its limit, its circumference, where it dissolves through subtleties.

The Ancients also realized that human perception is limited by a personal sphere of consciousness and they left behind giant stone spheres and "teo physics" to explain how all this works.

"I AM - EGO"

Individual mind and its "sphere of awareness"

Higher complexity forms like humans are stimulated by light via the pineal gland, which then directs the pituitary gland to regulate the endocrine/immune system. Those glands release hormones into the bloodstream that reach the brain and select "neurotransmitters". They fill synapses or junctions in the brain that determine our moods. They also align "appropriate pathways" in our mind by releasing "awareness" into our sphere of consciousness.

Below you'll see a sketch representing a creating Light (from star or sunlight and constant bombardment of galactic signals) compels how galactic forces stimulates life (via photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, theo-synthesis, etc.). Creation is SELF-organized.


"I AM" a form - a molecular, atomic and sub-atomic structure,

primal energy... an electromagnetic field of resonating Light

Emotional intelligence can be understood as "mood" assembling awareness into relative mind. Personal intelligence is "emotionally" accessing an infinite potential. Aside from the conscious mind, the are subconscious, unconscious and Superconscious realms of awareness composing the whole field of energy. There is more than your mind - there is a vstness from which your brain draws its awareness and into which your "thinking" deposits used ideas.

In continuum, your mind is limited by the mirror of your own reflection.

Our paradigms - the neurological patterns in our brains - fill our noospheres with images. Our noospheres are so pervasive they are largely ignored even while influencing what we believe and think. We interface with the larger world through our bubbles, largely unaware how they limit, what we perceive. The "mind" is merely an interpretation of certain frequencies of electromagnetic awareness. Habits. Paradigms.

Thinking "assembles" awareness into « mind »

« I am » in tune with my world:

A sphere of conscious and subconscious awareness,

within a larger sphere of a universal or « collective unconscious » awareness

within an even larger field of Superconscious awareness - the creating spirit.

From conception, we are organizing and assembling "awareness". Research shows that during pre-natal periods we're actually "molded" by our genetic awareness. Then from birth on, significant others and the environment apply pressure (often called nurture) to the mold and we adapt to those social definitions.

During childhood and adolescence the mold is modified hormonally and by circumstance. By young adulthood peer pressure and self-esteem have modified it even more and then at mid-life a sense of "I" might take an interest in the idea that " my awareness is shaping my destiny " or the more common « knowledge is power ».



: We use HABITUAL awareness but are none-the-less surrounded by infinite potential.

At mid-life transition many people question themselves to find answers that may alter their subjective mold; great trauma or loss will also bring alterations - and reflections. By mature adulthood, an "I" might have finally taken responsibility for his or her mold and learned how to shape a "happily ever after" life and afterlife.

Many will never awaken or stop along the way to realize the effect of paradigm.

There is evolutionary growth. Paradigm-shifting allows a sense "self" to emerge and claim "individuality" and develop creativity. Individuals can move on into infinity.

Individual noospheres can discover they belong to a larger field of consciousness which is infinite, invisible and "spiritual"- a self-organizing Superconsciousness.

This realization can, over time, modify their sphere of awareness in response to their will and direction. But will not impose. The « larger awareness » will give willful participants access to a far greater "flow" of intelligence, and greater frequency of "aha"; but anyone can resist.

Minds can expand to overlap a higher awareness; humans become more intelligent or not. By learning new rules and discovering direct relationship between mood and mind. We can learn to will specific moods, which selects the hormones that release the chemical transmitters, that align the neuropathways that guide consciousness to interact with one's brain... in a select ways.

New neural links can be made in your brain at any time

Imagine yourself inside a bubble of awareness that is molding your personality. The awareness inside the mold is selected by reactions in your brain. Those reactions are behavioral - how you habitually make links between your neurons. Your reactive, habitual way of linking awareness is not the only way of doing it.

Whatever you think is true IS TRUE - or soon will be - BECAUSE YOU THINK IT SO. But have a glass of beer and feel your brain chemistry and mood change. For anyone, depending on the mood, any manner of information can be released into our sphere of awareness.

Mood attracts awareness and presents it as reality. Mood ultimately shapes mind, body, health and wellness. Imagine your noosphere fed from three sources that are linked at an aboslute center, an assemblage point. The zone nearest the center of your noosphere represents those habits that mold your persona - i.e. those habitual patterns etched by the reflex circuits and the neural-nets you use most often; the habits zone includes all your habitual awareness - your knowledge, experience and desire related to the world - and your entire emotional range; it includes all your thoughts, beliefs, actions, hopes and memories. That your limit. The zones furthest from center relate to your potential.

The knowledge segment of your noosphere is managed by your left-brain hemisphere; this part of the mind directs all acquired information, everything you ever learned about "out-there". This acquired knowledge is available as memory. Some is buried in areas called your sub- or unconscious mind, some is buried in your body, some of your memory is genetic, some is eidetic, all is morphic - or of dreamlike quality.

Your sphere of memory stores short term, long term and universal knowledge. Some of it proves difficult for you to remember and other memories come easily, or even uninvited; some of your memories are awful and others are awesome.

We experience the knowledge in our minds and memories as "ours". We make it personal.

A second part of the noosphere deals with our experience, i.e. "how" you perceive your world - your neurological context. How "I" inputs and outputs information is managed by the right-brain hemisphere. Your experience of world has a lot to do with "how" your biological processes are monitored "in-here". That how has to do with your own neural reflexes.

Even if there's no objective reason to warrant for fear, for example, some will experience it anyway; aggressors are aggressive - even when they don't want to be; pushovers get trod on, the brave wink at courage, etc….

But you can only experience one mood at a time; and you can always experience love. With practice it too can become a habitual reflex.

The noosphere's third segment - desire - explains your physiological response to survival and other instincts; it's managed by your endocrine/immune system - which runs along the spine and is attacherd to the central nervous system. The sympathetic and parasympathetic networks manage your "soul" or "your subjective will", i.e. your movement, motion and motivation in the world. Your energy-in-motion is fueled by your emotion... your mood.

A noosphere reacts to "outside" based on its management here "inside" -ð your own sphere of awareness = knowledge, experience and desire.

Most noospheres react in habitual ways - refexes. But we don't always and we don't have to. Anyone can shift paradigms, be " proactive " and do something about their undesired reactions. Anyone can evolve and overcome limits.

Being Magical (top)

You can participate in the creative process. Thinking tools will help anyone become more creatively intelligent by allowing them to connect old information by forcing neurological pathways to release awareness in new ways. Shifting back and forth into different paradigms modifies the human mold. A noosphere can be modified in terms of its content (its memories) and its context (how those memories are used).

Changing one's mind is tricky - we can't really reduce the brain's neurons (see the movie "One flew over the cuckoo's nest") nor force the mind to change (see "The Manchurian Candidate") without breaking it; the only way to change your mind is to ADD new links to in your brain... to strategically add to your experiences.




Creativity begins with choosing to change habitual your ways of seeing. A few templates like abstract thinking, lateral thinking, mind-mapping and other tools allow new and different neuropathways to be experienced and old potential to be seen in new ways -abstractly and flexibly.

A proactive attitude is the only requirement to being more intelligent - add a creative strategy to your perceptual experience. If you've ever changed a habit, you'll appreciate how the pursuit of a quality of life might require a few strategies.

A proactive attitude considers the many ways to break out of habitual limits. I'm sometimes amazed at the tenacity with which some people hold onto their dreary lives and expectations rather than change their mind. How to explain that neural paradigms are the only limits.

I recommend studying "games theory" if you are unfamiliar with how strategic thinking can help successfully improve your life. Because most humans function in stimulus/reaction reflexes, proactive individuals learn all about motivation - so as to separate their reactive desires from their real needs; and then they proceed to logically fill those needs.

A proactive attitude means evolving a more dominant personality to some extent. Learning to fix and meet concrete goals requires developing psyche power - and that comes from meditation, contemplation and yogic exercises designed to help with most changes.

Soon your noosphere has expanded and your proactive attitude is transforming your old reactive mold; now your accumulated memories are seen through a creative filter, through strategies that facilitate a joyful experience of life.

Liberated from reactive patterns, only your new paradigm can choose between old a new:



Knowledge + Creative process = Creative intelligence. A self-empowered attitude finds the most creative way to link knowledge into intelligence. The roman philosopher Cicero coined the word intelliegence from - inter legencia - Latin meaning "links between".

Intelligence is then how we link ideas into concepts. Adding a "creative intent" and a couple of thinking tools to old ways of seeing can transform memories into higher intelligence. Soon you're having realizations all over the place.

Experience + Strategy = Wisdom. A proactive paradigm learns to shape the future - i.e. instead of reacting in habitual ways, become a better thinker and more wisely realize yourself. Habits will fall to empowered attitudes. Create destiny by literally "changing your mind" and adopting an effective strategy.

Desire + Motivation = Will. Transform desires by fulfilling needs. Claim individuality and its resulting evolution. The most creative act of all is realizing there are no limits to the process: The more you will a better world that reflects a more creative vision, the more creative your vision. Motivation has to do with movement and motives. Power is result of the process.

Imagine your emerging worldview:




You've mastered your mind - creative intelligence - and now realize your full potential: "Mind Expansion". Brain neuropathways are limited to the past. Consciousness illuminates a present wherein we co-create the future: Paradise on Earth.

As you appropriate wisdom, consider "Life Extension" in terms of personal health, wellness and long term survival. The continuum even allows for immortality musings.

Actualize the « creative intent » of universe; ascend into a spiritual oneness with Infinity.

Paradigm 4… is about personal power and sacred magic, i.e. creativity applied to the "idea of good". 

The paradigmatic view of things suggests that limitless oscillations of vibrating energy (l.o.v.e.) is the stuff of universe. Where we participate in that universe is determined by the radiance of our sphere of mind (the size of your "aura").

Paradigm 1 + Paradigm 2 = Paradigm 3 -> Paradigm 4.

Reactive HABIT + Proactive ATTITUDE = Creative MIND -> Magic POWER

The mind can expand in magnitudes of Light to « Oneness »

(with a Sacred or creative wordview, with God's quantum view).



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