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Let's discuss our "Lessons from Nature" as in-house training or our event format.

Team-build in a jungle-themed heuristic event.

You'll be amazed at your return on investment. 

Plan your next vacation in Costa Rica around learning the laws in Nature. Discover templates for a creative, empowered and happy life. Email us.



"Don't fight the forces… use them."

Buckminster Fuller



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INVEST IN YOUR CREATIVE CAPITAL : There are only 3 ways that an individual, a corporation or a society can increase its wealth: By adding value to its « structural capital », to its « client capital » and to its « creative capital ». (learn more)

4.5 billion years of success: On Creative Leadership : Leadership is about creating an environment where people fully actualize themselves - but it also means guiding people so they overcome their fears and resistances, and the limits on performance that they impose. (learn more)

See how Nature manages change : Change causes a stress reaction in most people. It seriously affects an organization's psychological, structural social and economic processes and so it merits demystification. (learn more)

Learn why Nature's rules of self-organization demand motivated creativity : Today's social and business climates are demanding higher levels of motivation and creativity than ever before, but is everyone ready? (learn more)

Explore how human nature is creative and innovative : Creativity and innovation - those new buzz words of politicians and corporate CEOs - are as yet little understood by most people. What constitutes an innovation? Who is innovative and how? Is most everyone creative? (learn more)

Find out why Nature favors self-empowered leaders : During this unique training experience, we demystify how the human mind is motivated and how it is subject to abstract and universal laws of POWER. (learn more)

Discover how to thrive in a "predator/prey" environment : In the jungle, both predator and prey benefit from their relationship because they are obliged to become increasingly creative and strategic. (learn more)

Learn how the Internet jungle can be user-friendly (and prosperous) : The times have changed and today we can communicate and transact locally, regionally, globally and virtually, in real time, all the time, and in multimedia. (learn more)


We animate other important topics : I'll often start conferences by asserting that I consider myself the luckiest person on the Planet. I enjoy sharing the «deep wisdom» animating Nature by speaking to groups about the wonders in "Life" and the infinite potential we have at our fingertips. (learn more)


All this information is available in a 1-week INTENSIVE

"LESSONS FROM THE JUNGLE... adventure tour