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"Grimoire thinking"


A GRIMOIRE is a magician's notebook. From the old French, it refers to the magical glyphs that writing represented to the peasantry.

Magicians always keep a notebook handy because ideas are subtle and ephemeral - if not noted the intant they appear, they evaporate in moments. That's why creative people think with paper and pencil.

I recommend a thick . good quality book with ruled pages and a hardcover, or a good sketch-pad from an Art Shop or something of value… something you'll be proud to whip out and use at every opportunity. Don't forget a pen or pencil to record your ideas or clever thoughts and observations as soon as they manifest.

Then take a long walk. Stop every few hundred paces or so and take a long, slow look around. Note what seems right and what seems odd. Look for inspiration. You'll find that the gist of an idea jotted down today can mature into a blockbuster concept if you nurture it for a time.

Keeping a GRIMOIRE means keeping track of your « creative capital » by jotting down key thoughts and ideas. It is essentially keeping a Journal, a Diary or Log. Doreene Clement, creator of The 5 Year Journal, a technique where you keep a journal of your life in one book for 5 years to contemplate and glean wisdom from it, said: "Writing, expressing ourselves, can heal us. It can focus, support, and enhance our lives and wellbeing. Whether we laugh or we cry, whether from sorrow or joy, we can understand more about ourselves, and each other, by keeping a journal."

To imagine a GRIMOIRE, think of the Journals left behind by the great Saints and Patriarchs like Solomon and John Dee or the notebooks of DaVinci and Bacon, or the diaries of Anne Frank and so many other heroes, and you'll get the scoop on the power of keeping a GRIMOIRE.


  1. On a piece of paper, write your answers to the question, "Which 3 words best describe your mindset right now?"
  2. When you are done writing, you have just used your GRIMOIRE.

    Write about whatever is important to you right then and there is keeping a GRIMOIRE. Track what you've planted in your garden. Write about the family holidays together, or having coffee with a friend. No set amount of words or pages constitutes an entry. Sketch an idea. Use shorthand or code to mean larger ideas. There is no set theme or topic in your GRIMOIRE, but there can be.

    Benefits of keeping a GRIMOIRE:

    • Mirrors daily "reality" so as to see patterns and limits ;
    • Allows for effective self-management ;
    • Reduces stress ;
    • Helps set goals ;
    • Organizes ;
    • Helps keep focused ;
    • Can actually improve wellbeing ;
    • Saves you time )and money) ;
    • Creates a personal memory jogger ;
    • Liberates the mind ;
    • Becomes a treasured keepsake.

    What to write about:

    If want to be a comedian your journal might include a joke a day. Someone else jots down ideas and the plot for a novel. Another person tracks every significant move as in a diary.

    The beauty of keeping a GRIMOIRE is that it is your book, your MIND-mirror. You get to choose not only when to write, but what and how to write it.

    What to use as a GRIMOIRE

    As I mentioned above, there are a lot of choices of where to record all those thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, and desires. What you write in and what you write with is up to you. I've used the same hardcover made-in-China diary for many years. Try several types of notebooks, pads and pens. Find the tools that fit you best. Do you carry a briefcase or a knapsack? Does style matter? Do you have a purse or pockets? Are you on the go or rock-steady? These things all factor into your choice.

    As you'll see below, you can also keep your GRIMOIRE on tape, video, or digitally via PC. Hand writing letters or cards, keeping track of them and the responses, is another kind of GRIMOIRE experience.

    Keep your GRIMOIRE safe

    It will hold your most precious thoughts. You may want to have a special secret place for your GRIMOIRE, somewhere no one else can read it. Keep it in a locked drawer or box, or tuck it out of the way. You can also ask the people around you not to read it. Privacy is a Right.

    Your GRIMOIRE is private and only concerns you. As you will journal about specific ideas, events or people, you can use code words for those entries. It is important that you feel safe writing your thoughts so, think about how you can create that security for yourself.


    - Computer Blogs and Vlogs

    Using aBlog (web log) to GRIMOIRE your life is a relatively new and popular way to keep track. Use a free blogging site to get started. You can even add digital pictures, video, and links to other resources. Typing your journal entries can be a quick and easy way to record your story. Special programs exist and are useful but a word processing program works well, even the basic "Text notepad".  A Vlog uses digital-cams to record a Video-log. Remember to back up your work to keep it safe.

    - Scrapbooking

    Do you take pictures or keep souvenirs? Scrapbooking is another popular way to record your life. Working with pictures and artifacts is fun and creative, but if you don't keep a journal or labels you'll miss out on the details.

    Scrapbookers ask yourself these questions, "If someone saw this page 50 years from now would they know these images are? Would they know who I was then?" The answer means you need to add words to your scrapbook page.

    - Media Sourcing

    GRIMOIRE can use media sources such as tape recorders, video tapes, and digital photo or video clips on the Internet. The concern is how to protect your data. If you do this type of journaling make sure you keep everything labeled and organized. Have an index of descriptions for each recording to help keep the journal alive

    - Study, Spiritual or Gratitude Journals

    Keeping a Study or Spiritual Journal is a great way to track your progress.  Record the wisdom you cross or altruistic events in your life (or that of your family and friends) along with your personal thoughts and ponderings on ONE.

    - Keeping a Calendar

    Calendars can be used to journal. Use one with a planner. Calendar entries have to be short to fit in the space, but work great for keeping track of important events in life. Keep your calendar when the year is over and place it with your important stuff.

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