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"Leaders have to make strategic choices.
Global warming, fierce competition for resources and markets,
and the fastest ever exodus of qualifed workers from the workforce -
are only some of the challenges they'll face in the incoming years.  

And the quality of the thinking behind the choices made

will distinguish an organization's success from its failure."

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Today, when most people are staggering under the weight of countless reports, studies and statistics- the byproducts of two decades of rapidly changing ideas and directions, strategic and creative thinking have become skills that are greatly prized.  Caught in chaotic webs of competing information and priorities, managers at every level are squeezed in time-mind constraints that are increasing their sense of powerlessness and thus their levels of stress.

Many new approaches and techniques claim to have ultimate answers that can respond to the rapidly changing world - but so far the results they promised barely live up to  expectations.  Neither do they solve the flaw in the system:  The thinking of its leaders is the only common link between between an organization's priorities and success. But did you know that thinking skills can be learned and enhanced?

Profit from an intensive training week based on Nature's rules of SELF-organization, to discover that stress and empowerment are antipodes... i.e. polar opposites. Learn how Nature favours creative leaders!

The Strategic Leader : Daily itinerary