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Costa Rica's jungles are much more than metaphor.

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What can I learn from America's jungles ? (Top)

That 4.5 billion years of creative adaptation is a wondrous track record.

That Nature encourages SELF-empowerment, i.e. it favors self-motivation, creative intelligence, strategy, innovation, cooperation and altruism.

That leadership is much more tribal than scientific and that the human CNS - central nervous system - is programmed so that every individual can emerge as a creative and empowered leader. In a context of exotic jungle and unknown dangers, this becomes quite apparent.

That the stunning biodiversity of its lush Nature (500,000 species of flora and fauna have been listed in Costa Rica) requires a quick, constant and strategic adaptation.

That the law of the jungle supports - Survival of the wisest.

That the jungle is the birthplace of life on Earth, and that it offers us incredible beauty and remarkable intelligence for our edification.

That - as understanding follows experience - and, since our training program is largely heuristic, our eco-adventures help shorten the learning curve.

That Nature values 3 kinds of capital and that its wisdom on how to exploit them will be revealed during the educational trek.

And, that the tropical jungle is a magnificent metaphor for the social jungle and that jungle we call - the business world.

* Heurism: Self-discovery.

A living metaphor and an unbeatable management model, the jungle offers us its myriad examples of leadership that are the result of 4.5 billion years of success.

Who should participate: (Top)

If you have a supervisory position in your organization, or you work as a middle or upper manager, or you're a business owner, a CEO, an entrepreneur or independent worker - and you want to benefit from the « deep wisdom » acquired by understanding those factors that most influence your performance, then this training week is exactly what you need. Do you want to take stock of your personal and professional life? Do you want to learn how to think more creatively and strategically? Do you want to increase your personal power and effectiveness?

If you are a teacher or a professional and you are looking for some logical syntheses, self-empowerment strategies and tools for a successful life, this week is for you. If you are looking for the best investment you'll ever make, then sign-on immediately.


Wellbeing (Top).

Once in the user-friendly Nature that is Costa Rica, the sylvantherapy effects take hold and work their "pura vida" magic on stress at every level. Participants in this program will be exposed to information that's empowering, inspiring, motivating and perfectly appropriate to these times of rapid change.

You will be guided to invest in the creative spirit needed to trace the neural links that strategic leaders require to succeed in the new environment. You will learn how to focus your energy into acquiring the force required to free yourself from limiting habits in order to learn new solutions, tools, techniques, approaches and skills.

Learn why "creative capital " is your most valuable resource. The art of thinking like a strategic leader is a prized attribute in any business but it is also an essential tool for personal and professional success. This training week will synthesize the know-what, the know-how and the know-why related to leading others.

A real tonic for the spirit, this educational adventure explores the management principles favored in Nature and discovers how to survive and prosper in all your personal and professional dealings.

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Important benefits and concrete results (Top)

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