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of San Isidro, Perez Zeledòn, Costa Rica, and
of Montreal, Québec, Canada,
invite you to participate in a 1-week heuristic learning* adventure:
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the leadership strategies you will learn in the jungles of Costa Rica."

Learning objectives of this heuristic* training week

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*( Heuristic: From the Greek meaning : Self-discovery. Our training method shortens the learning curve by combining exciting adventures, stimulating themes and very efficient tools and syntheses, that guide the participants to etch new neuropathways. The whole-brain experience offers participants a dynamic mnenomic context in which the information they acquire is assembled in a unifying whole. Heuristic training allows one to harmonize new cognitive experiences with learning activities, feedback techniques, discussions and multimedia presentations by experts. The energetic morpheme etches a powerful and easy to remember engrams in the brain.)

Here is what we propose:

Benefit from a heuristic learning process based on the book SELF-Empowerment

and animated in the most spectacular classrooms on Earth by authors and training experts

Suzy Ethier and Lawrence Poole,

Experience 7 stimulating days of unforgettable adventures that illustrate

Nature's leadership and team-building principles and priorities.

Learn tools and techniques guaranteed to enhance your strategic intelligence.

Enjoy theme animations, interactive discussions and important syntheses on the nature of leadership


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A heuristic learning adventure...

As participants arrive from anywhere, the day before the 1st Training Day is the "staging day". As one and sometimes 2 or 3 staging days can be required to assemble a group from around the globe, participants gather in a comfortable boutique-hotel near the Airport. When the group is assembled, we begin with official Bienvenidos, introductions and a few "Lessons from the jungle...".

On Day 2, we begin our first heuristic adventure at 07h00 AM, and then we transfer to our jungle lodge.

DAY # 2



Heuristic adventure at the Parque Nacional Poas & Transfer to Jungle Lodge

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Theme AM: "SELF-empowerment: The secrets of leadership" - The two craters of the Volcano at Poas National Park are symbols that represent the inner fire that drive's the SELF. You'll trek the volcano's amazing cloudforest wonderland and gaze directly into a live crater. Then you'll climb to an older crater, now filled with primordial soup... acid.

Then we'll explain how Nature's 9 rules of self-organization tie us to a quantum reality, and you'll discover how they influence your consciousness - i.e. your conscious, subconscious, unconscious and Superconscious mind. Next we'll transfer to a comfortable Jungle Lodge tucked up against the Carara National Biological Reserve in Costa Rica's Central Pacific zone to learn about SELF-empowerment. On the way, we'll share a few syntheses on the subject.

Theme PM: "The creative leader in Nature" - Following a breathtaking drive down the mountains from the Central Valley towards the coast, you might want to freshen up in your room, in this secluded enclave. Perhaps a swim in the pool or explore the lush tropical gardens and the jungle paths beyond - before we examine various styles of leadership, their efficiency and how Nature uses them in specific circumstances.

After, we'll provoke a "heuristic moment" to drive home the point of the training context. by finding the measure of an empowered leader.

DAY # 3




Heuristic adventure in the jungle

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Theme AM : "The leader and creative self-management" - A morning trek through Parque Nacional Carara prepares you for a simulated adventure called « Lost in the jungle ». It will demonstrate the effects of "subjective perception" on brain/mind and will illustrate the day's premise - that we live in a world of neural paradigms. A mix of dry tropical forest and lush jungle, the park is the last refuge of many species.

They will help us explain brain/mind's neurological limits. As survival often asks the leader to be the first to adapt to new conditions, we'll then animate a seminar on how to overcome limits.

Theme PM : "The strategic leader" - At day's end you'll take a sunset "Skywalk" in the jungle and then complete the learning exercise by discussing the play of the inner dialogue on decision-making. You'll learn how to confront the unknown with creative thinkingprocess and templates.

DAY # 4



Heuristic adventure on a crocodile filled river

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Theme AM: "Brain/Mind, Inner Maps & Personal Evolution" - Before leaving for the mangroves, the last habitat of the endangered American crocodile, we'll demystify 3 kinds of strategy needed for a successful life, and how to use them to set goals and reach objectives.

Theme PM : "Creative intelligence and self-organization " : After the adventure, back at the Lodge, we'll discuss the ideas of creative intelligence, wisdom, and resistance in human behavior. We'll examine creative evolution in Nature, innovation and the 4 stages in accepting new ideas. Then, at the Jungle-Mini-Cineplex we'll show why the 9 principles of self-organization in Nature affect the individual and the group. You'll understand human evolution at its most ruthless.

DAY # 5



Heuristic adventure in the rainforest canopy

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The day's theme: Reaching up! On Individuals, Groups And Teams" - Today you'll discover objective-subjectivity. Learn to program your future by etching neuropathway in the present. Celebrate your inner monkey in the jungle canopy where 80% of jungle citizens live. It's the best possible place to discover why building a «high performance team» depends on self-management.

Meanwhile, back at the Lodge, another "Lesson from the jungle... will answer: "Why Nature favors creative courage" from its leaders, and why stress and creativity are antipodes. Later, at the Jungle-Mini-Cineplex, you'll find out "How nature distributes personal power." And see a movie on your quantum potential.

DAY # 6




Heuristic adventure on a magnificent beach on the Pacific

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The day's theme: "Empowering Your Personal And Professional Life" - You'll undertake a strategic Treasure Hunt during a day on the Pacific coast's beautiful Playa Blanca. You'll seek an invaluable treasure that concerns physical power, emotional authority, intellectual acuity, spiritual affinity and creative force. We'll learn Nature's self-empowerment formula and how it affects the DNA in creative evolution.

Theme PPM: "Success: The quality of your life" - An animation on energy, love, joy and passion during a special supper in a magical place. Meanwhile, back at the lodge, a late night lesson from the jungle… Why Nature favors personal power and self-empowerment - and what to do about it.

 DAY # 7



Heuristic adventure:

Ascend to "Agua Viva" waterfall

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Theme AM: "Rising To The Occasion" - Actualization in Nature is managed by the principle of altruistic self-interest. Ordinary people manage their time but leaders manages their energy... This about overcoming your limits by understanding the importance of alliances and how they mean mutualism, interdependence, synergy and more, and how they require strategic communication.

Theme PM: "Quiet! On Air!! Live!!!" - During the transfer to our hotel near San Jose, you'll prepare a persuasive presentation on what you learned during the week. You'll perform it before an Awards Banquet... at a fine local establishment,... Then we'll demystify creative flow, hype and spin.

DAY # 8)


Transfer to Juan Santamaria airport

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Theme : "Power Walk, Power Talk and « Power breakfast » " - A power walk at dawn, a concluding talk then a «power breakfast» and a power shopping spree to buy Costa Rican coffee before taking your return flight, or continuing your tour vacation.

DAY #1

As participants can arrive from different places, 1 or 2 staging days are sometimes needed to assemble a group. We'll gather at a comfortable hotel, near Aeropuerto Juan Santamaria.

DAY # 2

From the volcano you'll learn how fire (essential energy, soul or will) is distributed in biology. And we'll demystify creative logic, consciousness and the will's zones of influence. Quaternion vectors explain how 4 acids combine in the complex language of the DNA code: Evolution points to fusion as creative order. You will learn about self-empowerment and discover how your noosphere - i.e. your brain/mind's sphere of awareness - "molds" your perception. We will explore neurologic and its linear thinking paradigm, its dualist thinking paradigm and its quantum thinking paradigm, and how to paradigm-shift.

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DAY # 3


Begin this day with an early morning trek to explore a wondrous rainforest of multi-century old trees in the Carara Biological Reserve, considered one of the most fascinating parks in Costa Rica. You'll visit two overlapping biozones - the North's dry Pacific forest and the Southern rainforest. Blessed with an incredible biodiversity, the Reserve is the last refuge of the Scarlet Macaw and the Purple Heart tree, among other endangered species. Your naturalist-guides will help you see the forest in spite of the trees and the thousands of other flora and fauna. Your training-guide will help you recognize how Nature manages itself via "complex self-organizing systems".

Suzy and Lawrence will facilitate a learning exercise called "Lost in the jungle" to demonstrate the effects of "perception" on leadership dynamics. They will also illustrate the premise of the night's after-dinner conference - that we live in a world of paradigms. Then Lawrence will animate a powerful «Lesson from the jungle…» to explain how perception is limited by neurology, and what to do about it. Then you're off on another trek - this time a jungle sky-walk - before learning how to organize your mind for power.

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DAY # 4

Today, an exciting crocodile adventure is the perfect place to examine information processing - and our own CNS (central nervous system). Represented in the giant American Crocodile where it's been honed for more than 2.5 million years in predator/prey survival circuits, our brain-stem and spinal cord are parts of a system far more complex and efficient than any technological model made. Our reptilian brain is cold-blooded and information-seeking.

The last of the dinosaurs, the crocodile's deadly past will not save it from the incoming future and its required changes. As you discover the jungle at Rio Guacalillo - to get "up close and personal" with these prehistoric survivors - you'll observe your own prehistoric wiring. Naturalist-guides will explain how your complex nervous system also includes a mammalian brain (and limbic system) and a monkey-brain (the hominid circuits). According to lore, the eagle represents our brain's neocortex, while the quetzal is its «consciousness» and creative Intent. See how brain-mind has an amazing record of millions of years of success as a reactive thinker. Later, in the afternoon in the gardens by the pool, you'll learn about neurological patterns. And Lawrence will introduce you to strategic thinking and 43 false ways of reasoning that sabotage human ambition. Then he'll animate a discussion on thinking to increase your « creative capital » by using tools, template and technology. And then you'll discover Movie Night... in the jungle. A white wall, computer, projector, DVD and - La Fiesta. Everybody's invited. WOW - fun-times from creativity and innovation!

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DAY # 5 

Climb into the treetop canopy where more than 80% of jungle life competes. Here an expert-guide, will explain the survival importance of seeing life from above the fray.

Learn to awaken your future neurocircuits in preventive strategies, to avail yourself of wisdom. Earlier, your training guides will have explained the 4 kinds of courage needed to succeed in life, and how to reach them.

Later, during a plenary at the Lodge, in a directed discussion, you'll learn about stress and how to overpower it. You'll also learn about the 8 dimensions in Nature, and about 6 rules of motivated creativity. Then you will be introduced to tools, templates, techniques and technologies that'll help you develop, manage and profit from your creative capital.

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DAY # 6

A 700 acre tropical beach resort - where the jungle meets the sea - invites us to use their spacious facilities, meeting rooms, white and gold sand beaches, turquoise waters, swimming pools, jacuzzis, tennis courts, water sports and more, to do some serious work. People become empowered by learning how to fill their own needs and we become great leaders by helping others fill theirs --- so we'll explore 12 levels of need - from physical survival to enlightened wisdom.

After completing a series of self-scoring psychometric tests, you'll examine the obstacles that can limit the manifestation of your desires, and you'll learn unifying behavior strategy and define an action plan to actualize yourself. Then, with nothing but a passionate life ahead, you'll take look at how the action/reaction law of movement becomes an attractive force.

We'll celebrate to the success your action plan at sunset in a most wondrous place. Enjoy a feast while you learn how passion is power.

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DAY # 7

At the heart of a cloudforest where Quetzals, Toucans and Motmots sing in harmony with other unfamiliar species, is the highest waterfall in Costa Rica. To get there, you must climb a steep road (it'll allow you to reflect and benefit from the most outstanding mountain, valley, jungle and oceanviews in the country).

The steep road represents success - by any subjective definition.

The day's learning theme is about the stories we tell (ourselves and others) and how they assemble our reality - to empower us or sabotage us. Enter the mystic cloudforest along a narrow path and, with help, work your way down to 10 basins filled with "living water". Before leaving here, you'll leave symbols of what you learned are burdens to your journey into success. The cool, inviting pools offer purification before your return to civilization. Decide what strategic stories you want to tell yourself - or about yourself, and prepare the script. You'll leave the dross behind and the lighter load you'll carry back can be translated into more power.

The 5th role of a strategic leader is that of persuasive communicator. At the Lodge after the waterfall trek, in our mobile classroom on the way to San Jose and at the hotel after we check in for our last night, we'll examine the ins and outs of the art and science of persuasion. There are best practices. And we'll look at the power of charisma, at hype and at spin. Branding is now an artform.

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DAY # 8

Suzy will lead an early morning "power walk", Lawrence will recap what you've learned through all experiences and classes at "a power breakfast". Then you may want a last dip in the pool, visit the shops or stroll through the gardens before it's time to pack your bags, board the bus for the transfer to the Airport and your flight home; or you can extend your stay.

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