Empowered thinking means changing your way of seeing in order to materialize ideas or to solve problems. Without this capacity to change how we think, we must remain reactive to life's challenges, circumtances and events.

Having only one way of thinking can prove very limiting. If, for example, your only tool is a hammer, you have to hope that all your challenges look like nails!

The empowered thinker can choose - from several ways of seeing the world - the one that best helps him complete the task at hand. Click on a thinking technique listed below and read a brief description, and then discover how the template works and when to use it.

Mastery belongs to they who practice...

Strategic thinking

Lateral thinking

Abstract thinking

Constructive thinking

Divergent/Convergent thinking

Empowered thinking

Inverted thinking

Win-Win-Win thinking

Breakthrough thinking

Energy thinking

Empathic thinking

Sensual thinking

Storyboard thinking

Role Play thinking

Contemplative thinking

Provocative thinking

Influence Peddling

Enlightened thinking

Suggestive thinking

Image thinking

Epic thinking

« Inner fire » thinking

The Art of Stalking

Heuristic thinking

Vocal thinking

Progressive thinking

Narrative thinking

Grimoire thinking

Thinking fallacies