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Lawrence Poole is an author, a training consultant and a dynamic conference speaker who teaches people how to develop their "creative capital". He has brought Nature's principles of change management, motivated creativity, innovation and empowerment to leading corporations and institutions. President of Gestion Consult-IIDC Management Inc. and of "Instituto Internacional de Desarrollo Creativo", a Costa Rican educational initiative, he writes about creative self-management. He serves clients in Canada, Latin America and Europe, teaching Nature's management priciples to more than 10,000 people.

Following several years of professional training, Lawrence held several management positions - including sales manager, vice-president marketing and founder-president of a manufacturing and retail sales company. He served on committees for four government Ministries in Ottawa and Quebec City, and was Chair ACAT - the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transportation at Transport Canada. In 1999 he was invited to participate on a national panel on entrepreneurship by Human Resources Canada and was profiled in a book called "Opening Horizons" - on Canadians who have contributed significantly to the country's development.

Paralyzed in an automobile accident 30 years ago, Lawrence led several initiatives to address universal access issues. He is immediate past-president of Kéroul -Tourism Quebec's official spokesperson to persons with restricted physical abilities - and was president of FASQV - a Quebec federation promoting health tourism. He was a consultant to the Network of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Canada and is a mentor with program at the School for Entrepreneurship of the University of Alberta. He is currently a board member of F.A.U.N.A. -Fundacion para Acceso Universal a la Naturalleza- which advocates universal access to Nature.

In 1998, with his life-partner Suzy Ethier, he wrote "LE QUATRIÈME PARADIGME… QUAND L'ÂME AGIT" (Collection les communicateurs, Isabelle Quentin Éditeur). An epic work that demystifies creative self-empowerment, Quebec newspaper "Les Affaires" called it "...a beacon in year 2000 reading". In 2003 they released INVESTISSEZ DANS VOTRE CAPITAL CRÉATIF and in 2004 he wrote his first english book - SELF-Empowerment - How and why to invest in your creative capital (IQ Press). An impassioned traveler, Lawrence also wrote the chapters on Honduras and Costa Rica in Real Guides "Able To Travel" (Prentice-Hall) and he has penned a monthly column called "Les leçons de la jungle…" for the business newspaper "La Réussite" for more than 5 years, wherein he relates the management examples found in Nature. He's an appreciated guest on radio and TV, in both French and English, where his adventures driving from Montreal to Panama were broadcast on the CBC.

Lawrence is discovered a mathematical synthesis that brings a unifying logic to creativity. He's written many essays and articles on the subject of creative self-empowerment and has lectured extensively on the creative process. A visionary and impassioned humanist, he is bringing all his talents to a wonderful project in a primary rainforest in tiny, beautiful and peaceful Costa Rica, Central America.  


Near-death experiences, losing his body to paralysis and having his career brutally interrupted haven't robbed Lawrence Poole of his passion for life. Quite to the contrary, along with his determination and curiosity, they helped him glean "deep wisdom" from Nature by directing him during years of research on how Nature develops its "three capitals".

Understanding the value of "creative thinking" better than most, Lawrence suggests that investing in the development of an organization's human resources is the best and most advantageous decision a leader can make. He explains the three ways an individual, an organization or a society can increase its wealth : by adding value to its 1) "structural capital", 2) its "client capital" and 3) its "creative capital". Structural capital includes those patents, processes, equipments and properties which have exclusive ownership. Client capital defines the relationship that exists and can be developed with customers and suppliers and creative capital is the knowledge and experience of the human resources that add value to their structural and client capitals.

He maintains that a wise leader will put in place conditions which allow people to thrive. This is more important today than ever before, as the world entertains a context of global markets, information explosions, high technologies, intense competition, ISO and Total Quality. By investing in training to help people become more creative, he posits that organizations can thus assure their continued viability, growth and prosperity.


Lawrence Poole speaks to CEO's, company Managers, Associates and Collaborators, to Professionals and Membres of Associations, Government and Schoolboards; he's addressed National and International congresses in Canada and abroad. His sense of humor, depth of knowledge and passion are combined with pragmatic intelligence to create presentations that make him a sought-after speaker. The confidence, simplicity and pleasure he brings to public speaking immediately capture audience attention and interest. An excellent storyteller, he is defined by the rare ability to translate large, complex and important ideas, adapt them to his listeners and make them easy to understand and appreciate.

His accident, near-death experiences and year's hospitallization, then more than 20 years of living with a serious handicap, have affected his way of seeing and continue to transform him. "One thing I know for sure… ", he often says, "…is I don't take life for granted any more and now consider every moment to be a gift." This also explains why - in spite of many physical limitations - he often begins conferences by asserting that he considers himself the luckiest man on Earth. His years since the tragedy have been spent discovering how to acquire joy, creativity and power.

Themes from the "Lessons from the jungle..." conference series:

The syllabus for each of these conference/seminars is on our web site @ www.consult-IIDC.com

Other subjects of interest :



After a year's hospitalization, Lawrence Poole sought out the forests and wilderness areas in Canada's northeast and immediately noticed the benefits he derived from his treks. He thus began to explore the effects of Nature on his mood, motivation, "mind" and creativity and he followed his instincts into the rainforest jungles of tropical America. He then developed training programs that incorporated the "deep wisdom" and "altruistic self-interest" found in Nature.

With the theme Lessons from the jungle…, Lawrence created training that translates the organic self-management principles in Nature into pragmatic information which can be used with daily challenges. Recognizing the importance for individuals and societies to invest in their "creative capital", his perspective offers more than the usual cliches on motivation by explaining creative intelligence, innovation and "empowerment. His animation style uses simple formulae, logical syntheses and learning tools that stimulate participants and guides them to their greater potential.

Using images, sounds and even odors from the tropical rainforest, he brings the jungle and its Lessons into "in-house" and teaches important concepts to workers and teams explaining change management and resistance, stress, motivated creativity, personnal power and empowerment, how to create a learning environnement, predator-prey marketing and using the cyber-jungles, etc.

His seminars combine 3.5 hours of theme animation, interaction with participant, learning tools and syntheses. Depending on the chosen topic and the context of an intervention, Lawrence may be accompagnied by his partner Suzy Ethier. When they animate together, they energize a room and captivate their audience. With great dexterity, their message unfolds, deepens, and becomes actualized, their complicity is real and guides participants with warmth and humor.


A one-day workshop allows Mr Poole to not only teach a theme from the seminar series but to introduce participants to powerful tools and practical bodymind exercises. 2 to 4 day worshops address several themes for small groups, adding behavioral strategies allowing participants to better manage their "creative capital". The subjects taught, their treatment, directed discussions, lone and small group work, plenaries, and proven tools and heuristic techniques, assure them training success.


Lawrence designs motivating tours in Costa Rica where he brings together outstanding ecoaventures and stimulating heuristic seminars into transformative experiences. His approach engages both brain hemispheres and provokes a powerful mnemonic reaction; participants long remember the feeling of wellbeing and describe the package as once in a lifetime.


Mr Poole has an eclectic background; here is a non-exhaustive list of his realizations :


From small groups to an audience of more than a thousand people, Lawrence Poole has addressed folks in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Latin America and Europe, in French, English and Spanish. Here's a sample of the fine people he recently served:

Pfizer Canada

Gaz Metro

Bell Canada


RE/MAX Quebec

Quebec Paraplegic Association

Partnerships in Travel - Canada

La Société des Casinos de Montréal

The Association of Fleet Owners

Tourism Industry Association of Canada

Les Aliments Provigo

Federation of Caisses Populaires of Quebec

Merck Frosst

Silicon Graphics Inc.

Ste-Justine Hospital

CQRHT (Quebec Tourism training center)

Association Arcade, France

Artimon Genève, Suisse

Trans-Énergie Inc.

Groupement des Chefs d'Entreprises

Association des courtiers d'assurances du Québec

Wiichihiituum Development Corp. (Chisasibi, James Bay, Qc)

Ass. des fabriquants de meubles du Québec (AFMQ)

Investors Group

Vitro-Plus Franchisees

McNeil Healthcare

La Capitale

Gaz Métro

RBI Insurance (Royal Bank)

MPI-Meeting Professionals International

KostaRoda - ICT (Costa Rica)

École secondaire Jacques Rousseau

Ahunstic College

Regroupement des Cegeps du Québec

CIDA (training centre)

Association des directeurs/directrices

Johnson & Johnson

Caisses populaires et d'économie Desjardins

Caisse Populaire d'Orléans

Montreal Board of Trade

CPI, Enterprise Builders

Laurenval Schoolboard

Lakeshore Schoolboard

La Brasserie Labatt

Bureau International de Tourisme Social (BITS)

Association Espace-Expression de Paris

Association philosophique de Metz, France

James Bay Schoolboard

Global Conference on Sustainable Development

International Institute for Peace through Tourism

The Ontario March of Dime

NEDCan) Network for Entrepreneurs with disabilitites Canada

ACOPROT - Costa Rican Tourism Pros

Groupement des Chefs d'Entreprises du Qu/bec

Etc. etc...



I'm more than a client. I'm a fan . I talk about you guys all the time. You're just the very best!” Patrice Gervais - President - Dinec Furniture

I'd like to thank you for the quality of your conference. The fervor and intensity of the applause you receive are witness to the satisfaction of everyone who attended the Congress. A standing ovation during a business session is a first at our Annual Congress and I'm very happy to share that with you. Jean François Michaud, Director-general Association of Furniture Manufacturers, inc.

Thank you so much for the quality of your very remarkable presentation -as much for the depth of the content and for the ease and skill with which you transmitted the ideas. Many of the participants told me they were absolutely enchanted and they all had excellents comments. Marc Cousineau, Director, Communication/Marketing Services, RE/MAX Québec inc.

Your quality training at Bell's Professional Training Institute and the quality of your many interventions in our organization have contributed in significant ways to the motivation, creativity and commitment of our employees, associates and management. Louise Bourget, Director, Professional Training Institute, Bell Canada

I'd like to thank you for the help you gave us by animating the workshop for future entrepreneurs. All of them, without exception, qualified your sessions as the best they had taken and many said it was much too short. In the sessions that followed, many participants referred to the themes you animated, proving that you really reached them. Your session was also the most important one for creating the team spirit. Barry Welford, Chief of training, CPI, Entreprise Builders

This training allowed us to think beyond the narrow confines of just acquiring more knowledge. It is already producing dividends which I'm experiencing as an incease in personal wellness and professional productivity . René Lapierre, Director of the Quality Institute, Bell Canada

Congratulations for the work you did. The workshop you animated, as well as the support material for entrepreneurs you created for the occasion filled the mandate we gave you and the hopes we had perfectly well. In spite of the short time you had, I must comment on the diligence and professionalism with which you carried out the task. The comments of every participant were testimony to our satisfaction. Martin Brault, Management consultant, ICEM, IMASCO

Our most sincere thanks for a conference of great quality and influence. You knew how to capture the attention of each and every participant with a compelling use of your multimedia presentation. Also, you were able to recap our entire day's agenda with inspiring words. You did justice tothe subjects we'd covered and expressed them in such an innovative way. Your abundant enthusiasm and passion for life inspired more than a few, I assure you. Carol Levac, Team Leader, Sales, RBC Insurance (Royal Bank)

It's with great enthusiasm that the QPA team of counselors join me in thanking you and telling you again how we appreciate the training you animated. Your professionalism and the skill with which you adapted the course content to our reality contributed to making this a most enriching experience, one which we'll draw wisdom from and that'll help each of us grow professionally and personally. Errol Paillé, Director of member services, Quebec Paraplegic Association

I'd like to thank you for the excellent training you created and animated for our sales group. I'm aware of the effort needed to put something like that together and I'm happy to tell we all will greatly benefit from experiencing your great work. I am confident the principles you taught will guide us far into the future. Mitchell C. Wapen, President, Lofa-Sofa Inc.



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