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:How And Why To Invest In Your Creative Capital

by Lawrence J-E Poole


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This is the definitive textbook on the SELF-Empowerment process. It demystifies the difference between reacting to life's circumstances and becoming more creative and powerful.

The author tapped into the "deep wisdom" in Nature and translated his perceptions of the order found there into pragmatic information - i.e. this book is a guide based on the natural human quest for love, joy and passion for life.

Lawrence Poole is uniquely qualified to have written this important book. In 1977, his life was suddenly interrupted by a tragic car accident in which he was clinically dead and left paralyzed. He spent weeks in intensive care and months in hospitals and had plenty of time to think about his own motivations and inner resources.

Later, wheelchair-bound for life and with a dismal prognosis, he took up the challenge to rebuild his health by discovering and then imitating Nature's management processes.  He's wheeled into wilderness areas - starting with the Provincial Parks near his home, reaching Northern James Bay, and from Newlfoundland to BC to the jungles of Central America.

In this book, Lawrence demystifies self-motivation, self-management, and self-empowerment, He explains the concepts of mind, intelligence and creative capital in a way that reveals both ancient wisdom. and the latest findings in science. He uses simple, efficient illustrations, includes pragmatic tools and 37 "at-a-glance" syntheses to help readers :


  • Understand and appropriate their own creative capital ;
  • Free themselves from limiting thinking patterns ;
  • Strategically manage their emotional intelligence ;
  • Recognize the links between the inner dialogue and stress ;
  • Integrate the principles of self-actualization into daily thinking ;
  • Improve their communication and their relationships ;
  • Develop inner strength, passion and personal power ;
  • Realize their goals and dreams .


Lawrence Poole is founder of the Montreal-based consultant company “Gestion Consult-IIDC Management” and is - with little doubt - the only researcher who treks jungles... in a wheelchair. With his partner Suzy Ethier, Lawrence has trained thousands of leaders in major organizations in Canada and Europe to invest in their primary resource... their creative capital.

He designed a series of multimedia events called: "Lessons from the jungle... " to explain Nature's management processes. He writes a column with that jungle by-line in the Quebec business newspaper La Réussite and in l'INCONTOURNABLE, a magazine devoted to a quality of life in the workplace. Lawrence also publishes The Jungle Times - an online e-zine for people pursuing an empowered life.

Impassioned by their own forays into the jungle over many years, Lawrence and Suzy lead educational theme tours in the parks and reserves of Costa Rica where they are developing a heuristic training center in a sylvantherapy park in an exotic rainforest.

The Communicators series is written for the general public by experts and academics who are known for their cutting-edge thinking in respective fields. Based on sound intellectual content, the works in the series are designed to be practical and to engage both the hearts and minds of readers.

IQ Press - Isabelle Quentin Editor

ISBN: 2-922417-45-X

15,3 cm x 23 cm , 6"x9"

333 pages



In Canada and the United States distribution of the book is assured by Hushion House Publishing ( while in Europe and the United Kingdom, Gazelle Book Services does that work. (

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