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Lessons from the jungle…

"We have a variety of training formats..."

Information explosions, technological and social shifts, environmental threats...

the world is moving so fast it feels like a jungle out there.

Troubling times require special skills so learn the abilities you need for changing times.

Order the following educational adventures today.

We demystify important lessons from the jungle:


  1. ...4.5 billion years of success: Creative Leaders in Nature
  2. ...How Nature manages change 
  3. Why Nature requires self-motivated creativity
  4. How human nature is creative and innovative
  5. Why Nature favors personal power and empowerment
  6. How to thrive in a predator/prey environment
  7. How to sell in the cyber jungle

Our training themes are available in several formats:

As 60-90 minute "personal experience conferences"

by Lawrence Poole

(Includes theme F/X with PowerPoint, videos, sounds and even odors from the jungle

(can add full decor - like plants, lights, mist, fog, etc.)

Ask about the 10 ways we make a conference "interactive".) 


As 3.5 hour "multimedia" and interactive seminars

by both Lawrence Poole and Suzy Ethier

(With above "multimedia" aspects; is heuristic and interactive and introduces tools.)


As 1-day workshops

(The 3.5 hr seminars plus a 3.5 hr practicum on the tools in an applied context.)


As multiday training program

(Several unified themes, heuristic activities, tools, support and follow-up.) 


As a theme tours

(The "full monty" in the jungles of Costa Rica: Learn wisdom directly from Nature


Personal coaching sessions

(First we'll define parameters and then...


Email us to discuss how we customize a presentation. (top) 

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