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4.5 Billion Years Of Success

:How Nature favors creative leaders  

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This session is about how Nature sees LEADERSHIP.

What is a creative leader? We define the term in many ways. Of course leadership means managing change or breaking through well-worn habits to find innovative solutions to problems; and it's about assembling the resources to fill needs. But it also means guiding people so they overcome fears and resistances, and the limits on performance that these impose. Leadership is about creating an environment where people fully actualize themselves.

Nature's primary management rule is "altruistic self-interest" and so real leadership means transcending the cynicism people may have about reaching organizational objectives and goals. In this view, the term leader implies creatively managing yourself first... to then extend the experience of SELF-realization into your environment.

Real leaders create a sense of community that allows collaborators to grow and contribute so that - together - they excel. Leaders take responsibility for their actions: by learning, adapting or adjusting - FIRST. They unify people in common interests for mutual gain, carry the larger vision and hopes, and stimulate their collaborators to rise to challenges.

Powerful leaders cause us to adjust our values, discover our strengths and weaknesse, change our minds and become who we want become. They are ultimately responsible for releasing team Spirit so that energy is contained into a creative Force.

This training session is therefore about the self-motivation, creative intelligence, strategy, passion and self-empowerment needed to optimize personl and professional life.

The following themes will animated with clarity, simplicity and humor:

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