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Quaternion vectors


From macro to micro, it's spheres all the way.


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My automobile accident and NDE changed my way of thinking by allowing me to shift into a multidimensional perception (a dimension means a direction in which thought can move). After, I was no longer focused on pleasing “out there”; instead, I was occupied with exploring “in here”, aware that it is indivisibly a part of ALL. I witnessed a larger view that is a fundamental departure from the dualistic way I believed the world to be (out there/in here, right/wrong, good/evil, etc. - as 2 separate things) and in one fell swoop all my belief structures were washed away. (*Near Death Experience)

Wanting to understand how and why I saw people as amorphous "bubbles of Light" in a sea of Light fibers was the catalyst to my psychic development. After I left the hospital, I began to understand those bubbles to be the human noospheres - the spheres of mind that molds the persona.

It was never my intent to become a theophysicist - but to find God in the laws of Nature, I was led to study an arcane branch of science that explained how spheres come into being. And I learned that the way we ought to examine Nature is from its inside out - i.e. life is a series of interlaced bubbles of energy, churning outwards from light to energy to sub-atomic waves-particles to atoms to molecules like soapsuds frothing from some watery depths to a surface; the surface holds the universal form... but Creator churns out creation far below.

Ancient wisdom and modern science agree that the human form is very really a sphere of energy composed of smaller spheres getting smaller into formlessness (e=mc2 and e=hf). Think of worlds within worlds like the skins of an onion and you'll be on the right track. The spheres are electromagnetic in nature and whenever we use a cell-phone or TV or radio or automatic door-openers, we prove the point. We are a field of energy - waves arranged as amplitudes, magnitudes and frequencies of Light. Using that information for fun and profit in the day-to-day is what I call magic.

Sketches like these in explorer's notebooks intrigued me when I was young.

Meeting up with the giant stone "spheres" in the jungles of Costa Rica was a very strange experience.

How did they get here? - was my first question.

Why did ancient sorcerers invest so much energy in to leave them about?

Now those and many other related secrets are finally answered.

Spheres of awareness (top)

Here's what I found out: "Form" is being molded by Time-Space-Consciousness in continuum. The curvature of Time-Space displaces a sphere of Energy (or consciousness) which is "molding" life within it.

Time-Space is indivisibly one thing - a continuum - and the same 2 forces that assemble the continuum are "molding" forms in that continuum. Wait there's more - the “molding of persona” can understood in a higher dimension than human perception normally accounts for. Seeing this 5th dimension requires a paradigm-shift and there are many way this shift can be provoked... my death and out-of-body experiences being an example.

Here's where things get really WOW - the concept of human form - including your own physical body - is changed.

Science based on 3 dimensions in Space (width, length and height) added Einstein's 4th dimension - Time (in continuum) - to determine that Time contributes movement (moving from past to now) to the physical plane, but that 4-dimensional Time-Space/Energy continuum is in fact being created with a 5th higher dimension... Mind. A higher Intelligence is determining that the physical world be created from center to circumference, in a non-local dynamic. From the center of black hole, where three quantum waves collapse to fusion at [ e = mc3], there is an outpouring of conscious Light which is oscillates outward. In time, it is materialized, and then explored.

From a creative Intent, all things are made possible. And individuals can become aware of it. There is access to a higher dimension WITHIN.

(Like the Buddhists say: God hides within because it's the one place we never look!).

We can become aware of Creator's intent - ALL of it - by exploring more dimensions than the 4 we've accounted for. To see how it works, consider the sphere. Consider that there are spheres or energy radiating everywhere - as sub-atoms and atoms and molecules, from your personal aura (the noösphere or noesphere - your sphere of mind) to the planetary biosphere, to stars as heliospheres, to galaxies and super-clusters - all are radiating from within outwards in every direction. Nature favors the sphere.

Two ways of seeing «out there» tell how us how the world is arranged as spheres - or bubbles of Light. One of them is called "space analysis" - when «vectors» are the fundamental unit, and the other is called space analysis - when «quaternions» are the fundamental units.

Vectors give magnitude and direction to space. Quaternions give it shape.

These two converging ideas explain a world of spherical trigonometry wherein complex and abstract subjects can be contained in geometric forms for analysis and understanding. So in this way - the physical body is more properly a sphere of body/mind energy - as Einstein's formula will affirm.

From the point of subjective perception in Time, Space and consciousness (I am-ness), your sphere's surface is found at [4 pi r2] - about arms length around you - and its interior occupies the universal volume [4 pi r3/3]. The absolute center of your sphere is a trigonal point of fusion called [e=mc3] that represents fields of Time-Space-Consciousness merged into a unified « Oneness ».

Experience Time-Space in a higher dimension. Move from "in-here" (I am aware) to the quantum world of subjective depth (I am aware of awareness). Here ideas have energy, movement and physicality. They have a morphic density.

This 5th dimension (Time-Space-Mind) is the world as it exists in terms of "spiritual depth".

Consider: Your cumulative life knowledge, experience and inner motivations are a personal sphere of awareness - morphic energy. Imagine your noosphere as a metaphysical bubble with a physical body inside of it. Your sphere of awareness is molding you. If you have no awareness of quantum physics, for example, your mold will not supply you with breakthrough realizations (even if you are as close to them as leading thinkers in physics).

We are noospheres - universal spheres of awareness - whether we are conscious of it or not. Each of us is a bubble of awareness displacing discrete amounts space in an infinite sea of awareness.

The physical body is not the end of our human beingness. Physical bodies are inside larger spheres of energy in the same way an ice cube is inside a room that is relatively humid: both include H2O but the humidity is just a more subtle, sometimes even imperceptible.

Now think of matter and spirit as being the same stuff - energy - but at different densities. (Light has magnitude, amplitude and frequency)

In metaphysical terms, think of human and God as sharing a soul... at different densities. Life oscillates out from the Ømega point - a "non-local" and indivisible hyperspace from which limitless energy emerges - to become form and relative mass... matter.

In trigonometry, Monograph # 8 on Quaternion Vectors by Alexander Macfarlane (John Wiley and Sons, 1906), explains how this is so, and recent uncoveries in " theophysics” explain why this is wondrous.

A spherical universe means what seem to be straight lines are in fact geodesics. This brings us out of the realm of Euclidian geometry and a continuum of linear continuity and into a quantum world of energy, potential and magic. Here in Time-Space-Mind, life's forms are already dead, collapsed inwards, to their center, into black-hole and reaching the universal center.

Energy radiates outward from that hyperspace at e = mc3... It becomes 4 forces and then Life again.

Recognize how you are a bubble of awareness - i.e. an electromagnetic field... a sphere of mind (Knowledge-Experience-Desire) - with a physical body inside of it.

Your noosphere is on a biosphere which is in a heliosphere (the solar system) which travels around a galactic hypersphere of energy and force that have a universal and "creating Intent".

Every individual is a part of the fabric of this larger worldview. We inhabit a -Time-Space-Consciousness continuum and are connected directly to the Infinite.

Here's the WOWEST thing I discovered: Because every center in infinity collapses into « ONE » absolute center, we are all indivisibly linked to ALL of universe; being aware of this link with the Absolute is our final frontier and the key to assuring your immortality.

Connecting with the center is the real path of magical empowerment.

Throughout both life and death, I was able to conclude, the secret to self-empowerment is exploring one's link to "Oneness". By learning to change our mind, we can ascend from this world into the next... without knowing death.

The Time-Space & Consciousness continuum (Top)

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