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A Unified Field Of LIGHT

(or creative intelligence...)


...where every man and every woman is a star !

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« Creator », Time-Space-MIND portals and Ørder (top)

The 5th dimension is the realm of the universal soul... the Atman - the creative Light released in the 1st trillionth of second of Big Bang. The atmic plane of consciousness is where the universal soul was configured as individual souls. It is where « God and I are "One" », as Jesus Christ related.

This idea of God as Unity is an ancient one. The people who shared this mystical experience in which we experience "oneness" are clear in their descriptions: the individual ego « I » creates separation. Those persons who haven't experienced it may believe whatever suits them.

In the 3rd century, Roman mystic Plotinus described his experience: "In this seeing, we neither hold an object nor trace distinction as there is no two. The man is changed, no longer himself, nor self-belonging; he is merged with the Supreme, sunken into it, one with it...".

Compare it to the instructions for reaching unity given by 14th century Christian mystic Meister Eckhart: "If the soul is to know God, it must forget itself... for as long as it is self-aware and self-conscious, it will not see or be conscious of God. But when, for God's sake, it becomes unselfconscious and lets go of everything, it finds itself again one with God."

Here's a description given by Buddhist mystic Sen T'sen: "...when the ten thousand things are viewed in their oneness, we return to the Origin and are where we have always been."

The Chinese mystic Confucius said: "The power of spiritual forces in the universe is everywhere! Invisible to the eyes and impalpable to the senses, it is inherent in all things, and nothing can escape its operation."

The prophet Mohammed wrote: "Wherever you turn you will see God's face."

In a similar vein, the apostle Luke said: "The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed, nor will they say, 'Lo, here it is!' - or 'There!' - for behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

Further, the principles of Theophysics explain the triune God, telling how TIME itself is "God the Father", SPACE contains God the Holy SPIRIT, and energy creation - including you and I - is God the SON, the published image of the union. The biblical God-FATHER agrees, declaring Himself to be: « I am Alpha... » (the beginning) « ...and Ømega! » (the end).

It is time for you and I, SON, to re-link with God.

God's TIME and astro logic (top)

Since earliest recorded history, people have used magic ritual to plan their lives. Taken from the word “root”, ritual was originally related to creating links with Time itself - to figure out the best time to seed the fields, back when man first settled and became a farmer, or when we discovered the strategies that allowed us to migrate and explore the Planet.

Time rituals were plotted with that pseudo-science called Astrology.

Writing off Astrology as quackery and relegating it to reading your daily horoscope is a mistake. Astrology is an ancient art that sought to tie one's personal consciousness to the Time-Space-Consciousness continuum.

Before knocking astrology, consider some of the recent serendipitous discoveries in neuroscience: People born under the sign of Pisces, for example, most often dreamy or impractical thinkers, are more prone to have by-polar disorder or to become schizophrenic than others. Or did you know that multiple sclerosis affects more people born under the signs of Aries, Taurus and Gemini - while epilepsy strikes more December to March born people?

I'm concerned because I found out that we Aquarians have the greatest incidence of brain cancer. The possibility that the findings are a result of random chance or circumstances is statistically negligible. The fact that the Leo people on the opposite side of life's Astro-wheel from Aquarius are the least prone to get brain cancer is very spooky.

Celestial, terrestrial and human mechanics converge in the quantum worldview - AKA the magical paradigm.

The world of the Olmec Jaguar-kings begins before the « Big Bang », in creation's primal Light. Far from pagan superstition, their sorcery defined itself as the SELF transformation needed acquire personal power... so as to access and use the forces in Nature.

From their glimpses at the Light of creation, apprentice sorcerers learned about the links that exist between Creator, Creation and his or her own Neurology and creativity. Sorcerers learned how the personal mind can reach MasterMind.

The creating Intent is the soul of the world - and all that therein is.

The sorcerer's world begins with creation's primal Intent... i.e. its Consciousness, its Light. If you ever “counted thunder sticks” on a stormy night, you can imagine how that world is linked to this physical existence. Next time you're in a rainstorm, count the number of « thundersticks » between the moment you see a lightning flash and the moment you hear the clap of its thunder - 1 thunderstick, 2 thundersticks, 3 thundersticks...

The number of thundersticks is akin to a number of seconds - which can then be converted into the relative distance between where you are and where the lighting struck. The realization is - of course - that light travels to your perception faster than sound does.

A second realization is that your observation - your conscious perception - is part of the event. Realizing that perception contributes to the world, the Ancients learned how to "not think" and thereby to « stop time » so they could gaze into Infinity. They saw how the Light of creation is indivisibly linked to existence and established a science to study it.

They saw that the Light is alive and that it has a creative Intent. They saw how the creating Intent becomes the incredible power of creation unleashed in the « Big Bang ». And they described its Intent as God's rule for the world... His « teo physics ».

I'll let « Big Bang » and quantum theorists calculate how much force the soundwave that created the universe actually has, and I'll yield to prophets across the ages who've seen the Light and tell you they saw God.

Instead - I'll focus on how that event - a Lightwave that's transformed into a soundwave in a perceiver's mind - and tell how it is part of a sacred and magical plan.

The creating Ørder in universe includes yours and my perception.

The inpouring Light of creation becomes a personal sphere of consciousness - from center to circumference. Personal spheres of awareness are molding subjective egos which become SELF-aware in the mirror of their reflection of their sphere.

Convert your "astro sign" from the Gregorian to Olmec/Maya calendar by clicking


In evolutionary Time, Space is filled with the inpouring Light as limitless oscillations of vibrating energy - l.o.v.e. . The Time-Space l.o.v.e. of universe is SELF-aware. 12 qualities of that SELF-awareness describe how l.o.v.e. emerges. These qualities become windows of perception of the one l.o.v.e. The 12 windows are: I AM -> I HAVE -> I THINK -> I FEEL -> I WILL -> I DISCERN -> I UNITE -> I DESIRE -> I SEARCH -> I USE -> I KNOW -> I UNDERSTAND.

Evolution is about becoming SELF-aware and then understanding life's cause and relationship. I am is the beginning of the process. Once awake, SELF takes an inventory of its capabilities: I have. The inventory first reveals the Cartesian discovery: “I think therefore I am”.

Thinkers evolve and eventually discover the core nucleus that assembles thought: “I feel therefore I am.” Emotional intelligence means self-mastery.

Also, as emotion assembles awareness, I will is the power in SELF-empowerment: You can feel what you will - but action/reaction your mind will be affected by it.

I discern is then the capacity to choose a way that opens to creative mind expansion, life extension, SELF-actualization.

I unite links up with those feelings, thoughts and intentions - in here and out there - that are most beneficial to your SELF's actualization. I desire can then channel perception into actualizing a quality of life, while I search puts visionary plans into action.

I use recognizes the benefits gained from specific life experiences. I know learns from experience and from others. To complete the SELF's awareness, I understand gleans derivative wisdom from experience.

Together these 12 are universal facets of the mainstream of consciousness - l.o.v.e. Physical biology becomes aware by interacting with conscious energy in its manifestation as SELF-consciousness. Complex organisms are aware, and the awareness itself is « self-aware » and self-aware beings can become aware of « consciousness ».

The interaction between consciousness (metaphysical) and your brain (physical) creates your subjective « mind » in the Time-Space-Consciousness continuum (theophysical).

Your mind's displacement in Time-Space is your subjective « sphere » in the Infinite - the living, CONSCIOUS universe.

Every subjective « I » is a sphere of Consciousness in oscillating fields of Time-Space.

It is the contention of sorcerers that the sphere is Nature's best management system. From the center of a sphere, every position to the circumference is equidistant. And that makes communication within/without - which is the basis of good management - most effective. The imploding center of the center is [ e = mc3 ] - the point of fusion in TIME-SPACE and SELF awareness.

Individuals have a limited view of Infinity, sorcerers say, because each < I > only has a part a perception. They could see that each sphere of energy is processing the entire flow of awareness - from I AM to I UNDERSTAND - how it does this limits perception. The sphere is divided into two hemispheres. One manages information inside the sphere and the other manages information "out there". What we can call the "personal mind" is merely a window where our perception of inside/outside is aligned.

According to the sorcerers of old and confirmed over the ages by magi and magician, « I's perceptual window » is, at best, a 30° opening into the TIME axis of the TIME-SPACE-CONSCIOUSNESS continuum.

We only perceive a relative quanta of the potential but, say all the wisdom books, if we expand our mind spiritually, we'll participate in the world as « naguals » or as planetary angels - depending on the language used.

You can access what others named the creative Spirit or attain "cosmic consciousness" or Christ consciousness or Krishna or Buddha consciousness or Superconsciousness or acquire a Magical mind, or shamanic vision, or ecstatic vision, and others ([...] a rose by any other name...). You can align your 30° unto the 360° whole mind.

In the Spirit of Christ, the 12 twelve of us already have the 360° mind needed to successfuly answer the evolutionary intent "Survive and prosper". Each has a 30° window and if « I » trades perceptions with other 30° windows ...well then we can co-create unique new assemblages, we can even dream new worlds..

The process of developing one's « creative capital » begins with open your mind to Infinity. And then there is no limit to the potential. The sorcerers of old even discovered and explored onfigurations of energy that permitted them to leave this world for the next... without dying.

Sorcerers seek wisdom « As above, so below » (top)

Jaguar-kings (and queens) learned to venture within and reach their portal of perception.

By logging-on to [ e = mc3 ] they learned how to exit this world for the world of Spirit - WITHOUT KNOWING DEATH.

Magic ørder suggests that both the movement of stars in Astrology and the workings of the human mind here on Earth are managed in terms of spheres of awareness. Skeptics should consider how the precise moment of a being's conception is unique instead ridiculing the division.

Consider how we humans - two individuals, man and woman - supply a sperm and an egg and co-create a human being at precise Time/Space/Consciousness conjunctions. Vector mathematics will show how the exact moment of fusion occurs from a specific « intent » and momentum, at a precise moment, in an absolute Space, to self-organize into new life.

It is not unreasonable to imagine that those exact Time-Space-Biology conjunctions, now imbued with creating consciousness, might also be influenced by other considerations.

The ancient sorcerers believed that the state of mind of the parents for example, is as important as the egg and sperm they supply. The energy of their own consciousness supplies specific qualities to the force of fusion that will assemble the new life's separate DNA coils into « oneness ». Weak energy will mean the coils are more weakly interacting and the energy of love and passion binds them with greater power.

More power means easier communication between the 2 sides of the persona - often called the masculine and the feminine. To access « Øneness » means to attain a state of androgyne in some sense. That does not mean sexless nor does universe prefer one sex to the other - but it does mean we are both... active and passive energies.

Spiritual growth means embracing unconditional love as evolutionary law.

Self-empowerment means practicing the SELF management needed to ascend the creative hierarchy. The mind is managed by dividing the noosphere - your sphere of awareness - into Hemispheres and Quadrants, to then understand their Elements and optimum Modes of operation.

The focus of the Jaguar-kings' sorcery's practices was KNOW THYSELF, and so the study of Astrology was not a superstitious belief to them - it had strategic benefit. As the laws of universe are constant, Astrology furnished them with one of 3 x 360° views of how to structure their life experience.

From a position at the center of themself, sorcerers gain a 360° view of Time - a field of gravitation, a 360° view of Space - an electromagnetic field, and a 360° of the universal Mind - as a metaphysical field of Consciousness. The entire spectrum of possibility - from the densest to the most subtle thought - co-exists in the Time-Space-Consciousness continuum.

Astrology can elaborate on Time's gravitational-field in Space by dividing the 360° view into 12 slices of 30°s each. It names them Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Sorcerers suggest an alternate way to view your astro sign.

Revived today, their perceptions on Astrology can suggest what to aim for in life - based on our own persona and where our talents and natural learning affinities are.  It also tells sorcerers how to complement their own mind with others to build « creative capital », to shop for partners and build alliances, to compensate for weaknesses and bring strengths in the optimum QUANTUM performance of team endeavors.

Sorcery establish their 360° view of Space by drawing the magic circle and considering their inner workings as the laboratory for their apprenticeship to a greater potential.


We have one life with many aspects to it. The different areas of our life are laid out in continuum, organized as spatial territories called HOUSES by magicians. 

Houses can be thought as the spaces where our perception is divided. Sorcerers consider how 12 areas of life show a person's natural affinities, needs and preoccupations, and since we must answer to their many needs in order to be fulfilled, they are considered permanent and must therefore be strategically examined. 

Houses can be viewed is groups for an overview of a person's most basic behavioral inclinations, or elaborated in terms of determining strengths and weaknesses.

The « ONE » creative consciousness divides into 12 kinds of awareness, and is concerned with 12 kinds of need. For sorcerers, Astrology then explained how to actualize human need.

The 1st house is I AM, the house concerned with SELF-AWARENESS.



The 4th house is I FEEL, the house of EGO, HOME AND PERSONAL HISTORY

The 5th house is I WILL, the house of CREATIVITY, SEX AND JOY.

The 6th house is I DISCERN, the house of HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICE.

The 7th house is I UNITE, the house of ALLIANCE AND PARTNERSHIP.

The 8th house is I DESIRE, the house of DEATH AND RE-BIRTH.

The 9th house is I SEARCH, the house of INNER AND OUTER EXPLORATION.

The 10th house is I USE, the house of CAREER AND POSITION.

The 11th house is I KNOW, the house of FRIENDS, HOPES AND DREAMS.

The 12th house is I UNDERSTAND, the house of SECRETS, LIES AND CHAOS.

We have all those needs and therefore we must fill them all to be happy. How are the Houses grouped in your Astro-chart? Some of your needs may go unanswered because they are not yet apparent to you. Not knowing about them may be laying the groundwork for SELF-sabotage. As one of the 6 motivational rules explains : A need unsatisfied is a negative motivator. So let's stop wondering where negativity comes from. If people don't know about their needs how can they possibly fill them? The answer of course is to access « cosmic consciousness » (or Power).

The most useful general groupings of Houses in Astrology are Hemispheres and Quadrants.  There is also correlation with the brain's hemispheres and its quadrants. People will show a particularly strong focus toward life from a particular perspective. Are you more extraverted or introverted for example? More upbeat or downcast?


Both the brain and the Astral sky are split into equal parts called hemisphere. Not withstanding it's split, the brain manages a noosphere - a sphere of mind - by dividing into manageable hemispheres: Left-side manages knowledge, and Right-side manages experience.

We say that Planets are rising and show action, and that the left-brain is active and it deals with “out there”.  Planets are setting and in reactive phases, while the right-brain manages receptivity from «in here».

Planets Are Above Or Below The Horizon

If the majority of your Planets are above the horizon, you have a need for a contact with out there to feel actualized.  You seek projects, achievement and a sense of accomplishment.  Success in terms of out there - for whatever reason - is probably more important to you than security is. If the majority of your Planets are below the horizon, you are more directed by how you feel "inside"and thus you probably have a need for self-discipline - as you may tend to indulge your in here and you might feel insecure as a result.

Universal consciousness interacts with personal brains, further organizing mind into 2 more parts. Consciousness not only interacts with the brain vertically - responsible for our mind's intrinsic and extrinsic zones of awareness. it interacts horizontally - assembling a Higher and a Lower mind.

The Higher Mind manages the more etheric or spirit side of the personality and the Lower Mind manages the subconscious urges, the organic and body side of the personality.

Above or below, if the majority of your planets on the Western half (or right- side) of the sky, you're probably shy and your natural tendency might be to seek approval and to question outcomes before putting effort forward. As understanding follows experience, this is dangerous. If you are more aligned to the left-side, you probably act first and question later. Because fools rush in, this is dangerous. Equilibrium is the true way.


Splitting a sphere of mind with quaternion vectors, we get four quadrants - like the astrological map. Looking at the sky, Astrologers will discuss the FIRST as the quadrant of persona.  The SECOND is called the quadrant of the environment.  The THIRD is called the quadrant of relationship.  The FOURTH is called the quadrant of service.

Similarly, the brain is divided into survival circuits, security circuits, social circuits and ego-actualization circuits.

As we tend to diversify our energy and give our attention to several different areas of life, we'll have difficulties achieving our goals - unless we understand ourselves and creatively set priorities. We can master many aspects of life if we learn to use our time wisely.

Knowing what brain circuits are ruling your inner space is a strategic part of a successful life. So is knowing what forces are influencing outer space.


Elements and Modes show how to circulate through life and how to fill needs.  In broad focus and general ways, they suggest how we learn - i.e our cognitive process - and thus how we should go about achieving our life goals.

These correlations are beyond simply believing or not believing. In a simple analogy - it is easier to grow bananas in the summer in Canada than at other times. We can determine best times to act, when not to, etc, by plotting the night sky. Even if you don't believe in Astrology as any kind of logic, I don't suggest you try it in December.


The elements are Fire, Water, Air and Earth, all 4 of which derive from a single creating Spirit.

Between them, and in their interplay, the 4 basic elements reveal a comprehensive inventory of possibilities. They explain the four ways that God - the creative force - is omnipresent in Creation. The tetragrammaton offers possibilities that vastly surpass binary logic.

The elements are symbols expressing the fundamental forces in Nature, and tell how human mind indivisibly bound to « spiritual realms ». The sorcerers of Mesoamerica spent years in contemplation. They particularly focused their attention on observing - and then considering - how human beings are interacting with the consciousness-at-large, the mainstream.

They are laid out in a 4 x 4 grid wherein the creating Light molds 12 basic windows of perception in a complex relationship with individual human brains.

Everything in the universe - including the human persona - can be examined as elemental magic. Tetragrammaton is a map telling how angels get to Heaven.

FIRE is the creative urge - Consciousness.  WATER is our emotional impulses and their (energy-in-motion) power of attraction - BiologyAIR is the element meaning abstract alchemy, discourse and communication that result from intellect. FIRE + WATER = AIR - Mind - so then EARTH is the symbol showing how the creative urge embodied can attract elements, transforms them into ideas and projects them in a material world - i.e. Paradise regained.

That creative movement across the ages is recorded in the Astrological sky where Fire and Air signs are more naturally extroverted, optimistic, active, freedom oriented and focused on “out there”. While Earth and Water signs are naturally more introverted, pessimistic, passive, insecure, home oriented and focused on “in here”.

Most of us are a blend of those elements but others have them heavily stacked one way or another.


Astrology's 3 modes are called FIXED, MUTABLE and CARDINAL and they show how we act out our urges in the world.  They represent our most basic response mechanisms to face life.

Similarly, the mind has 3 apprenticeships modes: We receive information from life, we process that information and we store it to later draw wisdom from. How we do it? What cognitive mode we'll use distinguishes us.

We'll be kinesthetic, auditive, visual - all 3 - but individuals favor certain modes of cognition for certain tasks more than they will others.

The cardinal mode planets show direct expression and they favor STALKERS of information - kinesthetics involved with physical action. They have leadership ability and strength. 

Fixed mode planets in a chart show aspects of the DREAMER mind - i.e. auditives and deep thinkers of possibility. Dreamers are comfortable with their intellect - consistent, persistent, with signs of endurance and stubbornness. 

The mutable mode planets in a chart will show the mind of SEERS of opportunity. They are visuals who blend their personal vision with creative malleability, forethought, debate and wisdom. 

The following are examples of the way those modes might manifest in a mind.

Cardinal signs: When many planets in those house are active, you are able to choose a direction and go your own way in life.  You are stronger than most people and this gives you a natural desire for leadership.  Be aware, or you'll act impulsively and this can be either a strength or a detriment... depending on your intent.

Fixed signs: If you have 20% of your planets in the fixed mode, you don't have as much stick-to-itiveness as most people.  Still, if circumstances require it, you can put forth great amounts of energy in a controlled way, and patiently wait for new opportunities to act present themselves.

Mutable signs: If you have 30% of your chart in the mutable mode, adjustment to new circumstances is relatively easy for you.  Part of your nature is very stimulated by change.  You like to think about experiences so as to accommodate any new information that occurs.  This is not your only way of being but a favorite mode of operation that can be reactive.


There's a creative management system at work in the center of the chaos. Big Bang is a result of the process but as you know, Light is first and faster. That explosive beginning called Big Bang is preceded by Light and a creating Intent.

God is hidden where no man can find Him... say the wise. But God hides where 12 men (or women) can easily find Him if they look WITHIN. At the center of ALL, we find HUNAB KU: God outpouring into black hole and inpouring as CREATIVE LIGHT, or PURE INTELLIGENCE. Then that soundwave hits with a big bang... and all the rest.

That INTELLIGENCE interacts with nervous systems, organizing minds.

At the center of each noosphere, Light can be perceived as magical forces - as limitless oscillations of vibrating energy (l.o.v.e.) contained in a theophysics. God's creative Ørder has pre-determined that the ideal way to manage HIS 12 windows of perception into the world is with plane geometry, from the square at the center of a DODECAHEDRON. From there, gravity exposes a hierarchy of intelligence arranged along planes of consciousness.

Dodecahedron and its squared circle.

Quantum more efficient than the hierarchical management system exposed in the pyramid form, the DODECAHEDRON gives a perceiver instant access to 12 pentaplanes of information that open unto infinity.

The Dodecahedron is a universal platonic, an ideal form, and it allows 12 individuals to open portals through hyperspace. See how Cubic management systems can correct the whole Earth destiny.

Infinity is then centered in a plane square (philosophy's squared-circle) which is divided into a 4 x 4 grid called the sacred Tetragrammaton.

The grid shows God's universal Mind as a creative whole... cosmos - as 16 separate pieces chaos.

The Magicians of Old understood how the « individual mind » is indivisibly linked to a higher creating Intelligence.

They evolved a language to explain how there might be billions of human brains on Earth, they only have 12 ways to connect to the creative Source and only 4 ways of becoming aware of its POWER.

We are - individually - spheres of Light connected to the Source of Light and we are being acted on by external and internal forces. We should see ourselves as amorphous energy fields containing biological forms. Our sphere will react to 4 elemental functions - the Ancients called FIRE, WATER, AIR & EARTH - by animating 3 specific modes of functioning - they said were called STALKING, DREAMING & SEEING, people can become magic BEINGS.

We become Planetary ANGELS after actualizing our magic potential and connecting to the Source.

Sorcerers viewed Astrology in a different way than Alchemists do, in that Sorcerers see Time as a force compelling a spiral ascent in Space-Consciousness. They see how we have 2 pieces of the cosmic Mind - one to look “out there” and one to see “in here”.

They see Time as 360° field of force binding 360° fields of Space-Consciousness. They see that people connect to the mainstream of « Consciousness » with a 30° window that begins on day-1 of the 3rd decant of an astrological sign (21st of 30 degrees - as 30° x 12 = 360°) and ends on the last day of 2nd decant of the next sign (20th°).

In this sense, using myself as an example, the fact that I'm a January-born Aquarian makes my perception radically different from February-born Aquarians. I am more influenced by the push force of Capricorn (I use -> I know) while they'll be more pulled by Pisces (I know -> I understand). I don't know how February Aquarians view the above, but when I learned it, it described my way of seeing precisely.

When we recognize our unity with the universal God-Self - our own spiritual essence - we become one with the world and, consciously or subconsciously, everyone is trying to achieve that. Conscious realization of how your unity with the Spirit can be attained changes everything.

It should be the primary goal in your life. Using the life as a journey analogy, in a world fraught with danger and challenge, why go another step without the power you'll need to overcome peril?

To unify the two competing aspects of ourselves (body and spirit), we need recognize that everyone must undergo their own metamorphosis. Sorcerers practice a similar form of unifying behavior therapy as the Eastern systems of yoga. As there are 12 configurations of body/mind, you can use one of 12 kinds of yoga to empower yourself.

Self-empowered - there are 4 ways we can then transform our human mind into a God-mind.

Angels serve God in 4 ways that link Time and Consciousness. The 4 ways are called Spirit:

Which is yours? Click here or scroll below the following chart to see how to translate your own Astrological sign into your Window into the Master-Mind.


Every mind has 2 perceptual views: A conscious one managing « out there »

and a subconscious one that manages « in here »



I desire /I search




I know /I understand




I have /I think




I will /I discern






I understand /I am




I think /I feel




I discern /I unite




I search /I use






I feel /I will




I unite /I desire




I use / I know




I am /I have





The Spirit Of Fire


The Spirit of Water


The Spirit Of Air


The Spirit Of Earth



(The Nagual)


Universal « consciousness » is divided into subjective or SELF-CONSCIOUS spheres of mind.

One thing is clear, a mind can be REACTIVE to its circumstances - but it can also be PROACTIVE and choose to consciously evolve CREATIVELY; and it can be Magic and one with the universe.

Science now shows how mind already is MAGICAL even if perceiver may not be aware of it. So evolution means transforming your « Oneness » into creative power... for the good of ALL.  Altruistic SELF-interest is the law.

We must now discover « unifying behavior therapy » and align our perceptual windows to enter the world of Spirit.

The Ancients called this kind of training « sorcery » for lack of any better word, when sorcery is defined as "The art and science of SELF-transformation." - This in order to access and the use the forces in universe.

*How to relate Sorcery's configurations to your own Astro-sign (top)
Stalkers of Fire - From the 21st degree of Scorpio to the 20th degree of Sagittarius.

Dreamers of Fire - From the 21st degree of Pisces to the 20th degree of Aries.

Seers of Fire - From the 21st degree of Cancer to the 20th degree of Leo.

Stalkers of Water - From the 21st degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces.

Dreamers of Water - From the 21St degree of Gemini to the 20th degree of Cancer.

Seers of Water - From the 21st degree of Libra to the 20th degree of Scorpio.

Stalkers of Air - From the 21st degree of Taurus to the 20th degree of Gemini.

Dreamers of Air - From the 21St degree of Virgo to the 20th degree of Libra.

Seers of Air - From the 21st degree of Capricorn to the 20th degree of Aquarius.

Stalkers of Earth - From the 21st degree of Leo to the 20th degree of Virgo.

Dreamers of Earth - From the 21st degree of Sagittarius to the 20th degree of Capricorn.

Seers of Earth - From the 21st degree of Aries to the 20th degree of Taurus.


Convert your "astro sign" - from the Gregorian to the Olmec/Maya calendar by clicking



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