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(For a brief history of the whole universe, click here)


See a TIME-line from the beginning:



-4,500,000,000 yrs

Pre- to geologic aeons ->Earth cools to solid state - The intent of Universe is creative SUCCESS.

-4,000,000,000 yrs 

Geo- to biologic epoch ->Algea to soft bodied animals

-650,000,000 yrs

Archezoic era ->Vertebrates form and Pangaea splits

-280,000,000 yrs  

Mesozoic era ->Reptile kingdom to age of dinosaur

-136,000,000 yrs 

Cainozoic age ->End of dinosaur to animal kingdom

-65,000,000 yrs  

Pleistocene age ->Animal kingdom to hominid : Survive

-1,800,000 yrs   

Holocene age ->Hominid to homo sapiens : Survive and prosper - the great migration

-500,000 yrs     

Age of consciousness -> Man the farmer: The bicameral mind

Sumerian calendar - Ascent of consciousness: The wars of gods and men
-450,000 yrs

Historical time : Man the storyteller: Homo sapien sapiens - "I am aware of awareness"

-200,000 yrs

Ice age : Purification: Tribal think and survival : Man the SELF-conscious predator.

-100,000 yrs

Global climate shift : Predatory man... and global conquest

-75,000 yrs

Ice age : -> Man the dominant retreats... and new conditions emerge : Established territories and marauding barbarians - It's them or us!

-50,000 yrs

Egypt rises: From tribal think to "I am" a pharaoh... God/man cosmos explored

-25,000 yrs

Great astro-cycles mapped and God/man cosmos is determined to be the ascent in Spirit -" ... of the MIND in here". A Covenant is drawn and the Caducee (intertwining serpents) is its symbol

-12,000 yrs

Global warming and Deluge: Collapse of civilization and re-interpretation of the symbols - Fall from grace as the Covenant is broken... God is now believed to be "out there"

-5,000 yrs

Calendar defined and history is recorded; Alphabet effect molds the mind; Agri-bizness in Mexico

-3,500 yrs

Pharaoh Akhenaten declares God to be Aten... ONE (and is killed by the priestclass); Numbers defined; Rays of QBL described; Olmec Patriarchs find Nature's TEO-physic as God's Way

-2,000 yrs

Druid zodiac at Stonehenge; Geometry in Babylonia; Abraham re-affirms God-ONE-ness.

-1,500 yrs

Moses passes on God/man Covenant to slaves in parables: Obey God's rule to survive & prosper

-1,000 yrs

Solomon's magic: Talismanic magic ; Magic squares in China ; Sorcery in America and "Paganism" in Europe: Power to the people...

-700-500 yrs

Zoroastre, Buddha, Lao Tse, Xenophanes, Pythagoras, Confucius - News of the 7-step ascent spreads far and wide

Rapture begins for they who reach the grade Planetary Angel
-400 yrs

Aristotle and logic; Kidinnu is into higher math and Chaldean astronomy

-450 yrs

Olmec sorcerers access morphic fields of resonance and physically transcend Time-Space.

-150 yrs BC -

Before Christ )

Artemidorus explains dreaming, our dreaming (or spirit) body and the transmigration of the Soul); Proto-Mayan sorcerers connect to "Light as consciousness" (or Astral travel).

Ø + 33 yrs

(Christ<s Era)

Jesus embodies the God/man Covenant with "My Father and 'I' are ONE" and fulfills evolution's Intent : Fusion. Oneness covenant requires love...without condition.

(+) 100 yrs

Ptolemy: Mathematical geography and maps that explore the macro world..."out there"

+250 yrs

Diophantus: Algebra and maps that explore the micro world... "in here"

+450 yrs

Augustine: Theology and alchemy; Anasazi shamanism and Spirit worlds

+50 0 yr s

Aryabhata: Powers from the roots of numbers, Astronomy ; Mohammed avows God-ONEness on Earth... says the Covenant is for all true worshippers

+700 yrs

Transmigration by the sorcery schools at Casa Grande Portal in Arizona, others.

+900 yrs

Gerbert of Aurilliac - Arabian math. across Europe; Rise and Fall of Toltec: Covenant cannot be imposed, it must be willed.

+1,100 yrs 

Nicholas Prevost: Antidatorum - 2650 "prescriptions" and healing magic

+1,300 yrs 

Abramelin le Mage - the Gnostic magic of the Essenes & Rosencreuz's school (rosicrucian)

+1,500 yrs

Paracelsus: Alchemical magic; Galileo; Dr John Dee - An angelic contact

+1,700 yrs

Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica; Mathematics as Ørder -The French Philosophers & a revolution as We are the law and I am the US constitution

+1,900 yrs

Aleister Crowley demystifies the near East's God/man cosmos

Helena Blavatsky spins the far East's God/man traditions into a theosophy

Albert Einstein, et al - Energy relative to Light constant as God-physics + Quantum physics

Castaneda reveals keys to the West's Nature sorcery in America's Olmec/Toltec tradition

Poole's Probability Formula: Theophysics - A Unified Field of Time-Space-Mind.

Ascent into Rapture...

the Covenant is for they who love unconditionally,

here/now and in continuum 

+2,012 yrs

Time-Space portal opens and transmigration begins: Rapture is a Starship in Hyperspace

+2,150 yrs

Paradigm-shift to the kingdom of Heaven-On-Earth here/now; Ascend.. and join the angelic crew who co-manage the passage from this quadrant of the Galaxy...

+3,080 yrs

Micro-millennium: Paradigm-jump to DNA's SELF-empowerment & transcend physical death.

End of the script.

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