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Lucifer and his FASCIST followers

operate here on Earth!

Psychosis begins when you believe you are above the law of " l.o.v.e.

"When that idea blows out the top of your mind... then you're MINE!"

Lou Cypher

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The "Lucifer Principle" Summarized (top)

One deadly accident changed everything. I had 2 Pure Light experiences and so I no longer have the luxury denying the existence of God ...even if I wanted to. Because one of the questions I'm often asked when I get wound up to expand on the subject of God is whether "satan" or evil force actually does exist? Well I've written this page to explain how - YES IT DOES!.

My way of relating to God - as a unified field of ALLness (aka pure LIGHT as the MasterMind) - gives me no place to find the devil - except as an absence of goodness in human behavior. My opinion changed when I read a book called The Lucifer Principle - and discovered how evil is distributed genetically in human nature. As physics explains that Lucifer runs amok in the world of matter, understanding how he works is survival-useful.

In his highly entertaining and very readable monograph, author Howard Bloom examines the forces in history that contributed to our primitive and bloody (or evil) past, and he explains the presence of absolute evil on Earth today. He tells us how our own nervous system is hardwired in ways that seem far removed from the potential I describe in my books, conferences or training programs.

A renaissance thinker and brilliant writer, Bloom discusses 5 concepts that are shaping human destiny. I write about how to overcome them.

Bloom described the 1st concept as a particular aspect of self-organization in Nature called the genetic replicator. This bit of Nature allows living systems - like bacteria, genes and people - to duplicate with shameless ease. The genetic replicator is a physical system capable of drawing energy from its environment to make relatively accurate copies of itself. The dynamics of replicators are described in the evolutionary notions of replication, mutation, selection, and adaptation.

Biology plays a role in the behavioral sciences much like that of physics does in the natural sciences. In the same way that physics studies the elementary processes which underlie all natural systems, biology studies the general characteristics of replicators. In particular, genetic replicators account for the characteristics of species and their interactions, as well as their similarities and differences in morphology, physiology and behavior.

Just as one cannot deduce the character of natural systems (such as the principles of inorganic and organic chemistry, or of plate tectonics) from the basic laws of physics (e.g., quantum and classic statistical mechanics), similarly one cannot deduce the structure and dynamics of social life from basic biological principles.

The most natural setting for replicator dynamics is explained in game theory strategies. Replicators endow copies of themselves with a limited repertoire of strategic responses to environmental conditions, including information concerning the conditions under which each is to be deployed in order to respond to the character and behavior of competing replicators.

Mutations include the replacement of past strategies by modified strategies, and the "survival of the fittest" dynamic (a replicator dynamic) ensures that replicators with more successful strategies replace those with less successful ones (Taylor and Jonker 1978).

In fact, survival of the fittest is in fact "survival of the wisest" as observation proves.

Throughout much of the 20th century, classical population biology did not employ a game-theory framework. However, Moran (1964) showed that Fisher's Fundamental Theorem - which states that as long as there is positive genetic variance in a population, fitness increases over time - is false when more than one genetic locus is involved.

Eshel and Feldman (1984) identified the problem with the population genetic model as an abstraction from mutation. But how do we attach a fitness value to being a mutant? They suggested that payoffs be modeled game-theory on the phenotypic level, and a mutant gene be associated with a strategy in the resulting game.

With this assumption, they showed that under some restrictive conditions, Fisher's Fundamental Theorem could be true. Their results were generalized by Liberman (1988), Hammerstein and Selten (1994), Hammerstein (1996), Eshel, Feldman and Bergman (1998) and others. It turns out that - at the most fundamental levels - game theory is key to understanding evolutionary biology.

In this 1st idea, Bloom explains the facility with which Nature replicates living systems, and he tells how that makes any one of us shockingly expendable. With more than 6 billion of us on the Planet and more replicating every day, we only hear about the death of the rich and famous... the elite. But thousands who die every hour are remembered locally, for a short time - except in the mind of a few... In a universe ticking on in continuum, life and death are not big issues if wisdom prevails and replicators learn game theory strategies.

Bloom calls his 2nd concept is the rise of the super-organism. He explains the dynamic process in which every system is a part of a larger, organizing system. We are less individualistic than we like to think.

We are not a monolithic group. We are divided by maps and races and languages and genders and belief and more. Individually, we respond to what our larger organizing bodies will tell us to. We've raised by the twins Conformism/Ostracism. Like cogs in a machine, we are parts of a social order. Larger groups tend to bury individuals by demanding group-think from its members. It'll be uncomfortable to be "el loco del barrio" - i.e. the neighborhood eccentric. Conform and be like us or go.

Our tribal genes were forged with a survival-wise demand for quick adaptation and conformism means successful cohesion. In the jungle setting, tribal ostracism is a quick cure for many woes. This in spite of the fact that 99.99% of all species who have lived on Earth are today extinct. It seems the superorganism is wrong to demand mindless conformity an overwhelming part of the time. Its own survuval is dependent on the collective wisdom the tribe.

Bloom's 3rd concept is called a meme - which means "a cluster of ideas". Memes are the buzzwords shared by group members. Dentists have their own jargon, as do computer geeks, pilots, mechanics, sorcerers and fascists.

A psychotronic phenomenon, a meme describes the symbols and codes that bind people into groups, gangs, cultures and cults. Memes are the collection of neurons linked into neural codes that differentiate us from them. Memes include rallying crys and slogans, music and colors; flags and tee-shirts and secret rings. Memes have the power of a national anthem - affecting the ostracism fear in the deeper levels of brain. At this level in mind, humans will humbled by their perceived betters - like a pope, a prince or a movie star.

His 4th idea is called the neural net. He refers to the collection of neural pathways developed into full-fledged paradigms that are the tribal mind. Bloom says there's a price to pay for the tribal hardwiring in our brains: Our tribal neural nets make us easy subjects for manipulation by toying with our primal fear of ostracism. If you don't stand up for your National Anthem, you are instantly suspect... and scared. If you call their flag "a rag", you'll stoke their group-think into a feeding frenzy... and then you'll reap your just reward.

Once group-think identity is fired up, we look for cues from leaders of the larger super-organism to see how we should react. Cued, group-mind will overpower the personal mind; this because when we are afraid, we think poorly and need strong leaders to help us. The fear tactic is used by manipulators and maintained to divide the tribe into "we-and-the-good-folks-with-us" and "them" and the bad people supporting them.

Those luciferian leaders feed "us" fear so we want to be led by them.

The 5th concept is called the pecking order. Also known as the social hierarchy, the pecking order describes how power is distributed throughout Nature. It can be observed in the posturing between jackals around a carcass, or how a bear can beat a wolf out of his lunch. Weak people need strong protectors, small groups look for handouts from larger ones, poor countries heed to larger nations - i.e all through the food chain, there's pecking order.

The Rock 'n Roll song says...Everybody wants to rule the world. - and so on that pyramid of power, you'll find divisions. Take a look at the US dollar: You've got an elite pyramid ABOVE THE EYE OF GOD, and the rest of the hierarchy in a rhomboid base of the rest of the pyramid below.

In fact it's a lot more basic than that: If a monkey decides it wants the choicest banana, it'll assert itself against others and, if successful, will join the tribe's elite - the dominants. But it'll have to keep re-asserting its position to all pretenders until it is well understood and accepted. From our hominid brain and "alpha male " grunts to our politest codes of behavior as adopted by high society, we are divided into us and them.

It's time to shake off our old neural programs. We see the world though money, roles and social classes: Expensive divisions are maintained by our VIP group and Wannabes -vs- Them 'n theirs. There's been a huge... an immense... a colossal price paid for supporting the ruling society's elite. those luckier than most receivers of so many perks, privileges, power and authority....

Their ritual practices and rights of passage guide them to ...long reign over us - and manipulate the monkey-brain templates from our tribal past. The jungle's predatory practices are used in the most civilized circles today - except now we'll agree that business is business and accept that being led by liars in the same as being served by public officials.

A "New World Order" is changing national laws to allow corporations to have greater rights and freedoms than we grant individuals. While we are asleep at the switch, we are being infested by the fascist Fourth Reich.

Wars are ostensibly conceived to liberate and help, but take a look at the complaints lodged with the United Nations to figure out who the top dogs and bullies are in the schoolyard of nationhood. Then take a run down to any playground and relearn your early lessons on how the pecking order is developed. Then visit your community networks to see how the perks and privileges bandied about.

Bloom's 5 ideas tell us how Nature churns out life without hesitation, and that hardwired neurons account for our tendency to act barbarically:
i) Life must replicate to survive. 
ii) Groups survive better than individuals. 
iii) X, Y, Z is what defines our group from others. 
iv) God sides with our group and if you are not with us.
you must be against God and us. 
(And then... brutally): 
v) Our group is somehow oppressed by them...  so we must 
exercise our God-given right to defend ourselves by attacking them. 

Bloom also explains why group-think concentrates might and power into anyone who manipulates those 5 ideas. History shows that every group's fortunes change over time though, and Bloom says this reveals why the US government's foreign policies are so often wrong.

Recent events certainly confirm his thesis. When people are faced with an uncertain future, they more easily surrender their individual rights to group-think. Fear makes us come together for protection ...where we gel more quickly into a mob. When the mob spills out into the street to riot after the home team loses a match, or when we scream for bloody revenge for some wrong we've suffered, we are embodying The Lucifer Principle.

Individuals who are overwhelmed by primitive emotion (e-motion as energy-in-motion) and driven by mob-memes commit atrocities.


Fascism: The cult of authority (top)

The fear of chaos is a powerful motivator. Plenty of people subscribe to its fascist memes.

Let's understand this above all: Fascism is first fascist thinking by individuals who are reacting to fear's "fight-or-fright" aggressor syndrome.

In a reaction to fear, fascist thinkers crave authority and order. Power over others is the only way to feel safe.

In 1950 a study called The Authoritarian Personality by T. W. Adorno introduced social science to the "F-scale" (F for fascism). With it, Adorno offered a means to measure authoritarianism in people.

An authoritarian personality, he described, makes for a dogmatic and prejudiced thinker. "Authoritarian people demand from others and want to impose obedience to their way of seeing the world. Fascist thought is therefore intolerant of ambiguity and differences; it has an exaggerated need to dispense "order" at the world." (Click here to take the test.)

People who fit this authoritarian profile tend to be attracted to ideologies and causes that demand submission to higher authority - like religions, governments, cults and big business. Both the political Left and the Right harbor fascists. So do religions and liberal philosophies. High thinkers and lowbrows can be fascists, if you come from privilege or poverty. Every group of humans will closet fascist thinkers.

As fascist thinking is shared and becomes part of an ideology, it can ignite into fascism... systemic controle.

Fascism is made possible by "memes", i.e. superclusters of ideas that are experienced by a collection of individuals. "Memes" in this sense are the metaphysical glue that binds thoughts into a larger whole. Aware of it or not, their emotional attachment is authoritarian and fascist.

Understanding how "memes" have independent life is part of new science and it's conclusions are being used by the major political parties to manipulate public opinion. "Memes" link ideals into superorganisms and thereby offer power to hierarchies.

Today's fascist memes are part of the extreme-wing ideologies. Of whatever tint, the extremists see imposing their ideal as wellbeing is the highest priority on the agenda. Orthodox whatever, Born-again whosits, Taliban moolahs - all want to impose their view of God's intent on the rest of us. Their means and their tools differ but their motivation, motive, motor and motto are straight-ahead-fascism.

Fascist thought relies on people's willingness to surrender their individuality in order to come together against perceived threats to their collective ideal - from inside or outside of it. Fascists rally folks by giving importance and value to the beliefs shared by their group. Fascism's power comes from polls that supply them with the emotional memes which describe the collective vision: We are this world.

Fascist thought is a backlash to uncertainty and constant change. Before the 18th century, people gave their loyalty and their ideals to feudal lords or other royal principles - who made decisions based on lifetimes. Then, even borders could be changed without much outcry from the rabble against the "...violation of our national integrity".

In the 19th century, nationalist sentiments had become more powerful as the common man began thinking of himself as being equal in judgment to kings and court - and so now everyone was a participant in the need to protect the "common weal" (my tribe) against the barbarians i.e. ...them.

Overt manipulation of nationalist sentiment began with the French revolution. First a crusade for the "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" of the French people, it soon turned common thought against "foreign aggressors".

Napoleon then began empire-building by imposing his ideas of "French culture" on the great unwashed masses. Other nations fought back to preserve their particular identity - also defined by an elite few on behalf a super-organic many. From Spain to Russia, the masses rose in defense of the home team against those "imperialist others".

In this century the globalization of fascist thought continued with the international workers' movement. Communists taking power in Russia immediately sought the liberation of working classes everywhere. The rallying cry was increasingly nationalistic as fascist thinkers learned to manipulate the collective emotional "memes". Italian fascists gave the idea of imposed liberation political principles, and then German nationalism (nazi) introduced the world to the excesses of the fascist-mind: Organized evil and destruction.

Fascists of every stripe are the anti-christ and work from Luciferian principles.

Other countries have developed various kinds of nazi sentiment but fascism has become a full fledged ideological logic and part and parcel of the right-wing agenda in the USA.

Can you say conspiracy? (...I knew you could ;-o)

In order to ferret out fascist thinking before it gels into the larger social "memes" that will enslave us all, let's identify and curtail this destructive super-organism.

In "Free Enquiry Magazine", author Laurence W. Britt lists 14 common threads that link fascist thinkers in recognizable patterns. These characteristics are more prevalent and intense in some regimes than in others, but all fascist groups share at least some of the modus operandi.

See if you can spot fascist thinking at work in your community:

1. Fascists hide behind "a nationalistic cult of tradition": Using selective historical memory and "fact", fascists mask their intent under a conservative mystique linked to better past: Back to the good old future. God, king or history promises them "selfhood" - or nationhood - which must be respected by others. Fascist will take responsibility for seeing that the respect others is secured, and thus they appropriate the national symbols - like beliefs, flags, slogans and events - to manipulate the collective memes.

2. Fascists unify our forces by identifying our common enemies. The most significant shared thread in the fascist tissue is using scapegoat groups to divert attention from real problems, and shifting blame for failures to focus frustration in their favor. The methods of choice&emdash; propaganda and disinformation&emdash;are very effective. They demonize enemies and label their tactics evil, while they can use identical tactics for good. Active opponents of their methods are labeled traitors and dealt with accordingly.

3. Fascists show disdain for human rights. Fascists see our human rights as a hindrance to their realizing their objectives. Through clever use of propaganda, fascists marginalize, even demonize, selected targeted groups so people are brought to accept abuses. When human rights abuse is egregious, the tactic is to use secrecy, denial, personal attack, moral ambiguity and disinformation.

4. Fascists are militaristic. Fascists identify closely with the military apparatus and the corporate infrastructure that supports it. A disproportionate share of national resources is allocated to the military, even when domestic needs are acute. The military is seen as an expression of nationalism, and is used whenever possible to assert national goals, intimidate other nations, and to increase the power and prestige of the ruling elite.

5. Fascists are sexist. Other than the simple fact that fascist culture is male-dominated, fascists inevitably view women as second-class citizens. They are adamantly anti-choice and also homophobic. Their attitudes are to be codified in laws that enjoy strong support by a right-wing and judeo-christian religiosity, who thereby lend legitimacy to the fascists, their human rights abuses and their other anti-Christ activities.

6. Fascists seek to control mass media. Under fascist regimes, mass media come under the direct control of the capital-seeking elite who are relied on to not stray from the party line. The zeitgeit projected onto the world will reflect their view of culture and truth. Some regimes have other subtle and not-so-subtle ways to ensure media orthodoxy.

7. Fascists are obsessed with national security. Inevitably, the national security apparatus falls under the direct control of the fascist elite. It is usually becomes an instrument of oppression and operates in secret and beyond human constraints. Its actions are justified under the guise of protecting "national security," and questioning its activities is portrayed as unpatriotic or even treasonous. Here, things get demonic.

8. Fascists and the "religious conservative agenda" are tied. Unlike communists, fascist and proto-fascist thinkers are never thought godless by others. In fact, most fascist regimes attach themselves to the predominant religion of the territory and portray themselves as militant defenders of that religion. Perception is then manufactured that to oppose the power their elite is tantamount to an attack on religion and God.

9. Fascists protect corporate-capital power. Although the personal life of ordinary citizens is under stricter control, the ability of large corporations to operate in relative freedom is not compromised. The fascist see the corporate structure as a way to not only supply them with military might, but also as a means of social/financial control.

10. In their name, fascists suppresse or eliminates the power of working class people. Since organized labor is seen as the one power center that could challenge the political elite and its corporate allies, it is inevitably crushed or made powerless. The poor form an underclass, viewed with suspicion or outright contempt. Under some regimes, being poor was considered akin to a vice.

11. Fascists have a disdain of liberals, intellectuals, philosophers (even their own) and the arts. Intellectual pursuit and the inherent free exchange of ideas, and the artistic expression associated with them, are anathema to fascist regimes. Intellectual and academic liberals are considered subversives who are contrary to national security and the patriotic ideal. Don't think... OBEY!

12. Fascists are obsessed with crime and punishment. Most of fascist regimes maintain Draconian systems of criminal justice with huge prison populations. The police are often glorified and have almost unchecked power, leading to rampant abuse. Fear, and hatred, of criminals, terrorists or "traitors" is promoted to the population as an excuse for more police power. Demons be here too...

13. Fascists are anti-democratic and work at election fraud. When elections with real candidates are held, they usually are perverted by the power elite to get a desired result. Elections in the form of plebiscites or public opinion polls are usually bogus. Common methods of fraud include maintaining control of the election machinery, intimidating and disenfranchising opposition voters, destroying or disallowing legal votes, and, as a last resort, turning to a judiciary who is beholden to the power elite.

14. Fascist hierarchy is rampant with cronyism and corruption. Any surprise? Share the wealth... and watch the scurry. Those in self-interested business, circle, and those in power and close to power become natural bed-fellows and, not mysteriously, use their position, money and friends to further enrich and empower themselves.

It shouldn't surprise you that people sell their soul... but it'll shock you to find out just how cheap they it sell for! Do any of these above mentioned fascist traits ring alarm bells? Who are you following?


America, Authority and CAPITALIST FASCISM (top)

We all have a stake in the future of America as it is the only current super-organized POWER. What I mean is we have a stake in the future of the Earth - but in self-interest, we'd better care about the future of the United States too.

I was born in Canada but I've cared about the USA and its role in the world all my life and I'll tell you why. My family name is an old one - first written in the Doomsday Day Book of 1066 - but I can draw lines to early 800 of the Christian Era. The 1st Poole to arrive in America reached these shores in 1612. My father's mother came to Canada from Hot Springs, Arkansas, having met my grandfather there. She was born "King" and I have kin from the the Civil War days buried there. My grandma told me stories about what the US is supposed to be, what it stands for. If Canada has a lot of to do with Kings and Queens and traditions, she'd say, in America you are your own person: "God first. Then you. Then your brother as yourself... that's the Law."

I was taught to care about the world's political direction because my dad fought the fascists in Europe. My mom and her folks are French and I know how they reacted to fascist occupation. From her I learned about democracy's true meaning. She summarized "We the people..." as: Liberté - Egalité - Fraternité. That "brotherhood of man" view found favor with Thomas Jefferson and many other thinkers around the world. Jefferson was able to capture the tone and spirit of the French Enlightenment thinking with words that have stimulated generations of people to safeguard democracy. Jefferson warned against a strong central government with elite values. He understood how the elite weal power by manipulating their wealth and capital, and how they trade favor for their own selfish interests. To protect the status quo (and that capital) he knrew, they will not shy away from using any force needed... In God we trust! the rest pay cash. To understand how those elite few conspired to and have indeed taken over the world economy, invest 2 and half hours of your time and see a Google Video with all the details by clicking here and discover how ruthless they really are by clicking here.)

Click here for a Conspiracy overview

Click here for a great 9-11 movie

AMERICA's awesome political dream is a meme-machine that advances the business interests of a few. Even if he served the highest offices himself, Jefferson didn't bow to a Luceferian ruler: "I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give."

The world's pecking order is ruled by a fascist drive whose focus is to acquire wealth. The capitalist elite understand how good order is needed to make money and, as such, they crave the authority to impose it. 

Ahh humans, power and money... they're the root of all evil eh?

So what would America's founding fathers think today? What could possibly be argued in defense of a society that's become a pyramid of illusion managed on behalf of the elite few who sit ABOVE-THE-EYE-OF-GOD, while the whole Planet suffers.

To underscore a concentration of wealth among the very few, a study in fall 2003 by Arthur Kennickell of the Federal Reserve Board showed that America's wealthiest 1% owned about $2.3 trillion in stocks, or 53% of all individual or family-held shares owned in the USA. The wealthiest 1% also owned 64% of all the bonds held by families and individuals, and 31% of the total financial assets held by the whole country, including everything from stocks and bonds to cash and other property. That system - never mind the individuals - is fascist in nature and described in criminal court cases in Canada as "a golden pyramid" . And like a super-organsim run amok, the fascist new world order is constanly working to impose more facility for their financial wellbeing at the cost of human enslavement everywhere.

What about those 2% who hold the 98% of world's citizens and their future hostage? Well I paradigm-shifted away from my granny's raving review in 1970 when I had the opportunity to visit the USA for awhile. There, I became appalled by the degree of violence and isolation I saw. I experienced the unleashed ego-centered me without the sense of I AMness that balances things out.

That reactive experience did help me put away my small town "...what will the neighbor's think" mentality. Grandma was only wrong about believing Americans are immune from their super-organic memes. The country is filled with good people who collectively band together as a bully... who's scared and thereby quick to anger.

Later, I appreciated Abraham Maslow, the psychologist/expert on motivation, who said the first step to becoming a self-actualized human being is - to do away with your need for the esteem of others.

I've explained the law of l.o.v.e. and its progression: From 1. Selfish love me, to 2. Symbiotic love: Love me and I'll love you back, to 3. Self-esteem and personal growth (I love myself enough to explore God's creative Intent); and then 4. Unconditional love as law and fusion to God's limitless oscillations of vibrating energy - i.e. as 5. sacred or universal l.o.v.e.

What's certain is - because we can only feel one emotion at a time, if you focus on wanting to be loved, you're not busy loving - that is - participating in the active verb like the law requires.

Most people are somewhat afraid so fascist-thinkers feed off that fear, and thus exercise a hold on the collective psyche. I found that average folks in the US of A get caught up in the same fears that people do everywhere, the kinds of fear generated by a lack of SELF-esteem and the absence of a God-surrendered life maintains.

People feel fear because they don't feel love and then, in exchange for the illusion of security and comfort that bully-brain postures and tough-monkey sound clips provide, they sell their only real creative capital... freedom - their soul.

BUT HERE'S THE RUB: Not matter what you think, the only authority is the << LAW OF L.O.V.E. >>.

One's emotional capacity to embody that law is manifested in joy, passion and then personal power. That personal power is the l.o.v.e. contained to attract all we need from infinity. The idea of imposing moral beliefs on others so they experience a God-centered life has proven through history to be a false doctrine. Many fascist regimes exist on Earth - and have for a long time. Looking back, all have failed - as they must. The Taliban and Jihadists must fail. As did the Crusaders, imperialist forays and imposed religiosity.

For a concrete example, the Toltec appeared in the area of Central Mexico in the 10th century AD. They had become a force by the time they had established their capital city at Tula. Their hierarchy had become fascist though - even if their actual motives might have been altruistic, benevolent and God-loving. Refugees from the northern Teotihuacán culture, the Toltec migrated after their fall in 700 AD . The Toltec were great "sorcerers" - i.e. very adept leaders used to accessing the forces in Nature. But the elite few wanted all citizens to devote themselves to acquiring spiritual power so they could rebuild a teo-centered kingdom. They knew how ancient Olmec " rule" had flourished and produced great wealth for the citizenry by adhering to God's law and they wanted to force-replicate that. Pregnant with the memory of the legends, myths and magic told by their left behind ancestors, Toltec leaders tried to revive the old kingdom by imposing Olmec "theocratic rule". They failed of course, to realize that the love of God cannot be imposed.

By 600-400BC, those Olmec leaders had discovered an alternative destiny for themselves. All who could "ascended" from the Planet in spiritual extasy... a mass rapture. The protomaya are the remnants of those great magi. Knowing Earth's destiny - left for other Time-Space-Mind coordinates. God cn only be willed... (and stimulated by example).

A great empire or a great organization of creative people is built one person at a time.

The United States Of America (Champions Of Individual Rights And Personal Freedoms) has asserted its right (i.e. an elite has... on behalf of the elected) to strike back at others FIRST. I remember the enraged, indignant emotion embodied by the late great actor Raul Julia who portrayed murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador addressing the fascists he faced: "You are not defending! You are attacking!"

They didn't get it either. A xenophobic Salvadoran elite put themselves above God's law and killed the messenger. Recently, lying to the whole world, bush-league thinkers at the top of the American hierarchy imposed a fascist view of liberation on the sovereign people of Iraq in an unofficial but overtly declared war - even if the Constitution of the many asserts only the US Congress can declare war. Since, tens of thousands have been killed and maimed, trillions have been spent. The future is mortgaged and elite got richer. In fact, since 1945 it is estimated that American fascism is responsible for some 12-15 million lives around this Globe.

If those authoritarians imposed their values while wearing brown shirts and jackboots, we'd easily recognize them as the control freaks they are wouldn't we? Modern-day, born-again fascists are a lot more subtle (and devious) than that though. Fascist thinking is very personal and when it's incorporated into a political movement, it begins to attract evil-doers who put their own ends as justification for any means. And when that movement has power... well power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

(Can you imagine any politician in a real democracy getting away with awarding BILLIONS of dollars of public money to a private company he is tied to - without any tender nor bid request... like that bush-league Vice-President did with Halliburton Co. Ltd.) Let's get serious for a moment: That will only happen in a country so blinded by fear that it can't see the Lucifer Principle at work for its blatancy. Deny all you will... The truth is out there.

Remember - just because you are paranoid does not mean there's no evil conspiracy.

The remnants of the "Third Reich" are reorganized into a more polite manifestation than before. Fascism is alive, well and still very active today. Fascist thinking gained control of the most powerful superorganism on Earth and is promoting its New World Order.

From the rule of a king in his lifetime, we've moved to planning for the 4-5 year rule of government regimes, and now we're downstepping to be ruled by the 90-day agenda of Corporate Fascists, the "Fourth Reich". The fascist thinkers are clearing the way for enterprising companies - organisms much larger than individuals - to manage the world's resources. And this because it is easier to manipulate a soul-less entity driven by profit into a SUPERORGANISM that the Elite can manipulate and rule.

Most people are squirmish but companies will do anything to fill their ...get the money now mandate.

In fact, fascism is better organized today than ever before because elite servants of the "Fourth Reich" have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and an awesome array of technological aids and that old standby CA$H. And they've adjusted their tactics. By now they've cornered the God-meme and are joining State, Church and Private "Enter_Prize".

In the name of the many, the fascist elite few who govern us, in our name, have given our natural resources to their corporate allies. As their religious (from re legencia to re-link with God) beliefs are anti-Nature, the fascists are poised to kill all by irrepairably sabotaging our environment.

Ahhh... all for greed and an arrogant lust for power over others... Con-spiracy???

Amigo, they claim to be with God-hisself. And like the Wag The Dog movie shows: The few can easily manipulate the many.

Fascist thinking is by now so pervasive that many of its adherents (petty tyrants though they be...) are totally blind to the cult of evil they uphold. High "F-scale" people are answering the reptillian brain's predatory cravings to impose will and destiny on others... without ever considering what this character flaw really means. Some even insist that their craving for authority over others is really to protect their nation-state from "other others"... who are worse.

In fact fascists resonate to those neural nets that link our human consciousness to the brain's more primal beginnings, and their dominance/ostracism genetic memories.

It may be lost on them that they are assembling fascist thoughts because they are not assembling higher, more spiritual thoughts. Click here to see how low on the Tree Of Life Ostracism/Conformism circuits are located.

Some people develop deep-psychoses by over-functioning in those more reptilian brain states. Soon they adapt to the psychosis and will consider their deviancy somehow normal. Easy to question the acts a demoniacal serial killer or flagrant thief and cronic liar - but what about the CEO who gets pleasure from inflicting chaos into the lives of employees or the politician who decides he'll be remembered as a wartime President and defender of the faith.

Now I am not pretending that the exact same fascist thinkers do not rules Canada and the others places where we've democratically elected them, I am just raising the alarm about the good old US of A - because Americans are the defenders of the faith... aren't they?

The World Tree (top)

We the citizens of the world are divided into how we assemble our worldview.

Imagine the different worldviews described in a social hierarchy based on 3 models we'll call Paradigms One, Two, and Three.

In Paradigm One, your behaviour is mainly reactive to events and circumstance due to your personal limits but it may be somewhat proactive too - i.e. you exercise some conscious choice to explore beyond your limits.

In Paradigm Two your behaviour is more driven by conscious choice and, at times, it is even creative, as you participate in creating the events and circumstances of your life.

In Paradigm Three your behaviour is consciously driven to the benefit of an actualized SELF concept, and you're awake to your co-creation of the circumstances and events in life.

Self-conscious and creative, we can participate in a 4th paradigm. We can discipline (i.e. - be a disciple of...) our creative mind and give love, joy, passion and power to the circumstances and events in life. Rather than position ourselves above the EYE-OF-GOD, we can see through HIS co-Creator perspective and become God, the SON.

We can surrender our FREE choices and reactions to a larger CREATING INTENT and thus participate magically in local and Planetary events. The 4th paradigm is the Jesus Christ example of fusion into God-force: "My Father and I are ¯ONE¯.

Having explained the awakening elsewhere, it remains beyond mere words. As we know, "...a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". The citizens of Earth can be divided into 2 groups: They who've attained "Christ consciousness" - i.e. that level of mind expansion also known as Krishna or Cosmic consciousness, or Buddha mind, or the Sorcerer's seeing or the Mage's mind or the mind of a self-realized master - o whatever other words) and the have-not-yet-attained - whether they be wannabees or don't wannabees.

"By the fruit of their labor you shall know them...".Mesdames et Messieurs... Faites vos jeux!

By any words you choose: Earth citizen - we are all God's Children - so now decide whether the 2nd coming of God the Son calls you - Christ - or will you remain ante (or anti)Christ... There is no middle ground.

God's law is movement and action. As each action has an equal and opposite reaction, positive energy-in-motion begets positive energy (and negative begets negative). If complex circumstances cause negative energy to be encountered while in movement, THE ONLY WAY to transcend it is with MORE POSITIVE energy. That positive energy-in-motion (positive e-motion) is what we call love.

Positive for positive and positive to offset negative means positive WITHOUT CONDITION. The obligation to emote positively as love is an active verb. That's an absolute and no one can break the law. (We can - however - break ourselves against the law... and death is thus a great equalizer.)

Don't lose faith... there is a Sacred plan. And it starts right here.

Heaven on Earth, here-now (top)

"I've traveled some and everywhere I go,

I look up to see that Earth is in Heaven.

And I always thank Creator for it - 'cause I figure,

that without the earthen floor, we either drown...

or fall out of Paradise into the darkness!"



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