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Objective universe + Subjective perception = Unifying synthesis.

Physics + Metaphysics = Theophysics

What is! + What « I » believes is !! = What is... really !!!



The above gif illustrates that an amazing power is available to us as a right-brain exercise. Home of the imagination and where we emotionally and spiritually experience life, the brain's right hemisphere links us to a morphic universe... the world of dream.

The right-brain logs onto the other side of Infinity, the passive side: The morphic resonance - i.e. a world of secondary energy - AKA the collective mind, or the dreamworld, or the psychic dimension, or discarnate intelligence - or call it what you will.

Infinity's active side is self-organizing complexity in which the 5th dimensional Time-Space-Consciousness continuum emerges. Its passive side is the domain of the "Master Mind", the creating « INTENT » from whom limitless oscillations of vibrating energy (l.o.v.e.) are manifested as "big bang" and the physical universe.

Hi! My name is Lawrence Poole and I'll be your guide in a learning adventure that explains how the universe is a Time-Space-Consciousness continumm. Quantum law tells us that the world is both an active interplay of energy and forces, and a passive hyperspace that contains limitless possibilities. And sages throught the ages have attested that both = Magic.

The information contained hereon may not be part of your usual thinking but by becoming aware of it, you can change your life for the better. The syntheses described hereon demystify the interdimensional link between creation and your individual perception of it.

These "Theophysics" web pages explain how God's Heaven is on here Earth, and how both God and man are linked... indivisibly.

Theophysics is not something to be believed. It is based on a formula of pure mathematics that demystifies the world as as unified field of force. The "springboard story" I tell throughout the web pages offer realizations of both classical and quantum physics and weaves them into a yarn about ancient "sorcerer-kings" in Mesoamerica and how they accessed both sides of Infinity.

The story of Jaguar-kings (and queens) reveals the secret of the human spiritual journey in America. It also explains how the universe is created of pure Light contained by fundamental forces, in a hyperspace. And it tells how, millennia ago, self-empowered humans learned to use these forces and created a wondrous society that honored "Teo" - the life-Spirit.

A springboard story is not to be believed or disbelieved - rather it's a vehicle for delivering information and, as such, it supplies a context for assembling a cohesive understanding.

I'll begin by avowing that I've experienced death and being out-of-my-body, the results of a devastating car accident. Almost 30 years later, I see how those experiences set off a series of events that prepared me to tell this story.

Those and other experiences so marked me that I spent all these years contemplating Nature with the intent of finding, in some sort of logical cohesion, answers to why I survived.

In consequence, it is a privilege to introduce you to the new synthesis of everything called Theophysics. You'll find that it complements current classical and quantum physics by addressing the perceiver as an absolute value; that contention is rooted in the mathematical formula I was given to never forget pure "Light" expressed at the òmega point in hyperspace.

In death, I saw the Light - aka pure l.o.v.e., pure Consciousness, pure Intelligence, MasterMind... I saw God! I experienced the creating Intent that is causing the world (and all things therein) and, inadvertently, I pulled off a magical coup, While gazing into the Light, awed, I asked: "Please! Let me never forget."

Unconditional love being what it is, ever since, whenever I stop to wonder, or when I close my eyes to quiet my thinking, there it is: the creating Light. In a magic moment "God" gave me a formula of pure logic so I'd never lose my way again.

Then I was alive again... charged with the task of understanding that formula.

The 12 chapters in this interactive book relate various aspects of how the Light - an abstract but physically « creating INTENT» links each of us (individually) to infinite creation. Every chapter reveals a different variation on the theme: God and "i" are ONE.

The mathematical certainty is branded on my soul and its logical order explains how the universe is a "unified field of creating Intelligence..." - whether your cognitive syntax can understand it or not.

Ready or not there are indeed active and passive sides to Infinity - so how does it work? The passive side is a hyperspace that contains an inpouring Light which resonates into creative energy and thereby links everything on the active side - from the macrocosm (universe as an absolute and objective Time-Space-Energy continuum "out there") to the microcosm (or the relative and subjective personal world as it's perceived "in-here".

12 universal principles bridge the 8 dimensions between the physical and metaphysical worlds. There is a higher logic called "Theo physics" which explains creative Intelligence as both morphogenetic and energenetic values.

Theophysics is the formula that unifies human-mind and God-mind into "I am of 'One' mind". That its discovery occurs at this particular junction - when a holy war or jihad has been declared and accepted - is pre-determined. Prophesy revealing the uncovery of "Theophysics" is found at Rev. 10:7. Its diffusion now is a reminder of time on God's clock. (Also see Rev. 11:15 and 16:17)

Theophysics is more than a new understanding. It is a consilience of science and religion. Millennia ago, America's sorcerer-kings studied the forces and laws of universe with extreme subjectivity: They used their senses. They took responsibility for their acts, tried Nature's cornucopia and pharmacopeias, took notes and arrived at modern-day quantum conclusions‚

And then they pushed ahead into a more magical perspective‚

Thousands of years ago, our human ancestors recognized the creative logic - All is Light contained by universal forces (and sub-forces). They knew that 2 macro forces are found everywhere in cosmos while 2 micro forces form things from the inside out, within the visible world. The "Jaguar-kings" crossed the Einstein/Rosen Bridge into the quantum view, where matter and energy are ONE - and they thus evolved a "Theocentric" view.

From there, they acquired great power and wisdom. In prehistory, ancient leaders - mystics, sorcerers or shamans - concluded that the underlying structure of the universe is an intelligent, magical and sacred MasterMind... a god-Spirit.

Since, in historical time, every saint, seer and prophet worth quoting has agreed. The profane entertain other views.  


Today, Theophysics picks up the slack to explain a universe of infinite energy as Consciousness.. a creating Intelligence at large in Time-Space. A new science tells us how individual brains can resonate to this God-Mind - consciously, willfully, by expanding their sphere of awareness.

There are 8 universal dimensions accessible to human perception - and the universal rules change for each. Paradigm-shifting into a larger field of consciousness will allow you to transcend rules that may limit you at lower levels. In example, rules that apply to matter-mass in movement at the physical plane of existence, are transcended by rules that exist at levels of organization beyond our physical senses.

Including the physical rules but adding the quantum dimensions expressed in the principles of self-organization, discover the bio, emotional (or astral) level of awareness; this plane has rules that transcend how we define matter and that supercede ideas on linear movement in time-space. Biology adds an indivisible plus to physical matter.

There are rules that govern molecular form and its organization. They are so brilliant as to use a bio-logic called tetragrammaton to manage the 4 streams of intelligence - DNA - simultaneously.

The human mind can climb up an organizational ladder so as to evolve creatovely and even magically. Let go of your semantic-social circuits and human dimension - atomic rules explain how the 2 micro-forces manage a reality with a simplified (+) (-) programming.

Energy-in-motion is the nucleus for physical organization. Emotion attracts awareness and assembles it into intelligence. Matter and mass are more than physical - they extend into Spiritual dimensions. Here the world is more than "good and evil", it is "proton and electron". (And what God has put together let no man put asunder.)

Look within. The rules governing sub-atomic realities include the perceiver. "In here", recognize that perception affects the world. Metaphysics is not passive. At this level in the quantum universe, the atomic duality is unified into one whole perceiver-perception-perceived realization that's resolved as: [(+1) + (-1) = 0 ]. The value 0 is Infinite but it includes both the known (+1) - or the active side of Infinity + the unknown (-1) or Infinity's passive side.

Participating in this dimension requires a paradigm-shift to where you see how existence is organized. Here, energy is a manifestation of an inpouring stream of Intelligence. Here the subjective perceiver has a direct influence on the world - but individual spheres of awareness may or may not be aware of that information.

If the rules of ONEness are not inside your sphere of awareness, they are outside of it.

The universal rules govern all complex organizations - from the universal and sacred Intelligence "at large" to the individual awareness contained by each sphere of - also explain your personal potential.

All things are indivisibly ONE thing in the Monadic dimension. You can self-organize and claim that power - or not. A Monad is a unit of indivisibility which describes an element reduced to its basic essence. Here is where subatoms are resonating singularities, superstrings of living Intelligence. The monadic plane houses the universal soul.

The rules governing soul-energy as a universal force and power are in the Logoïc dimension. Here the soul is managed by 4 universal forces that are interchangeable - i.e. everywhere, all the time. The creative Intent of universe is that we take our fill of its Intelligence and Power.

The rules that govern energy, force and power as creative Intelligence and hyperspace... are found in the Morphic dimension. This is where the creating Light is reclaimed from the ever-dissipative structures - alive a moment ago but now relegated to a morphic density. This is the world of dream, ghosts and discarnate ideas. Here, ever available, you will find the wisdom of the ages. Here is the communion of the saints, and of sinners.

Some 3000 years ago, Mesoamerica's "Jaguar-kings" developed psy power gleaned from tuning into the morphic plane. They then created a vast free-trading empire of immense prosperity across the Continent. In those pre-Columbian days, travelers who stumbled upon this land would speak of a veritable "paradise" on Earth - which subsequently became the stuff of our legend and myth.

The Olmec leader-sorcerers found how our human potential includes ascension of the soul into states of higher intelligence, creativity and spiritual magic. They discovered that human beings can rapture off of the Planet into higher states of being.

Thousands of years ago, America's first leaders predicted events that have now become apparent and astonishingly clear. They taught adepts nature's ways and how to leave this world behind... by changing their mind to enter dimensions in Spirit - WITHOUT KNOWING DEATH.

In fact they asserted that the resurrection of the soul without its ascension into Spirit is 'nigh on impossible. Twelve (12) principles validate their "theocentric" worldview.

Completing the universal law of action/reaction love, and expanding on the christic "I am" view, this work includes the magical principles already revealed as Enochian, Classical and Quantum physics, and it leaves room for concordant metaphysics.

Theophysics begins before the « big bang », when the inpouring Light is a universal creating Intent. Because time is relative to subjective perception, quantum physics allows that the inpouring Light is constant, omnipresent and indivisible. In this eternal "now", a world of Light unifies individual souls.

Most anyone can consciously ascend in amplitude and expand in magnitudes of consciousness, shifting EEG brain-frequencies, to access it. The 8 amplitudes of subjective perception that link mind and matter are attained by focusing subjective attention on physical perception, then on emotional perception, on purely mental, or spiritual ones, on the creative, on the evolutionary, the magical or the morphic planes of conscious perception.

There are 5 magnitudes in perception. We call the first 'subjective awareness' and it refers to the state of being conscious. The 2nd is called 'awareness of awareness' which is the state of mind available as self-awareness. The 3rd state is 'consciousness' contained as force and focused as subjective will. The 4th magnitude aligns one's "true will" with the universal law of motion (action/reaction into l.o.v.e. - a limitless oscillation of vibrating found at e = mc2 and e = hf ).

The 5th level is the "creating INTENT" of universe - the unifying MasterMind. The frequencies of subjective perception change as consciousness (or universal energy) interacts with each subjective nervous system as measured on a standard testing EEG (electroencephalograph).

There are the called Gamma brainwave frequencies - above 40 hertz (cycles per second), the Beta brainwave frequencies (conscious awareness) from 40-14 hertz, the Alpha brainwave frequencies (the meditative/visualization states) from 14-4 hertz, the Delta brainwave frequencies under 4 herts, and the Pure Light vision at "stop time's" Ømega point.

As Albert Einstein proved with { e = mc2} and Max Planck quantified as [ e = hf ], all is energy, all the time. When universal energy interacts in a human central nervous system, it is called "consciousness".

12 Theophysics principles relate to energy as consciousness:

The 1st Theophysics principle explains that "existence" is a Time-Space-Consciousness continuum.

The 2nd Theophysics principle explains howConsciousness is universal "energy contained as force" which is indivisibly bound to the four (4) fundamental forces and an interesting array of subforces. Force focused is "power".

The 3rd Theophysics principle is about "perceptual duality". It explains how individal "i" (in here) and "not-i" (out there) are not aligned. Tenets A through H explain this in a creative logic.

The 4th Theophysics principle explains "Divinity". Ready or not - basic rules of system prove it is so. God is omnipresent, we've been taught since grade one, but we may not yet see it that way. Or better question - how is God everywhere? Well understand « within and a without » a personal sphere of awareness.

The 5th Theophysics principle explains creative Ørder. Do you know that each sphere is a complex system that is subject to 9 principles of self-organization? The 6th Theophysics principle explains our sacred Identity. We must claim our cell of the infinite whole. Perception really is the key to ALLness.

The 7th Theophysics principle explains Individuality. Learn the 10 monadic factors that bind macro-micro in a unified whole. You needn't take it personally. The 8th Theophysics principle explains 27 general theorems on personal growth.

The 9th Theophysics principle explains Unification. 5 universal laws prove that resistance is futile (and a deadly stress)

The 10th Theophysics principle tracks Mind Expansion, Life Extension and Self-Empowerment across 4 paradigms and 10 grades of attainment.

The 11th Theophysics principle relates to seeing Infinity: The 8 dimensions between the physical world and its morphogenetic consequences.

The 12th Theophysics principle explains Time-Space-Consciousness fused into a unified field of supremely intelligent Mind at ( e = mc3 ). Mathematical logic will guide true seekers into cosmic consciousness.

The Infinite universe is a unified whole whether you it that way or not, but if you don't see it - then for you it isn't unified. Change your way of seeing and align with the "Whole" as the "Whole" will not change and align with you.

Parts are too insignificant to affect the Whole.

Have fun looking into this.

Lawrence Poole

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