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Add value to your own « neural programs »

We are perceivers! This is probably the most significant discovery of the 2nd half of the 20th century. We perceive "out-there" and interpret it "in-here". In-here is the realm of « brain/mind ». We've found that individual minds result from an interaction between a personal brain and a transpersonal "consciousness", i.e. - a universal Energy.

Perceiving involves "consciousness" assembling information by speeding through a brain's neural circuits. "How we think" establishes patterns of assembled neurons that become our templates on reality. Change the patterns or neural paradigms or even perceptual templates... and change your relationship with the world "out there".

Making up our mind is - in large measure - a reaction to emotion (as energy-in-motion). Science has found that - aware of it or not - we react to emotions that determine what neural patterns will be assembled. Emotions release the hormones that select the neurotransmitters that open and close the brain synapses that direct thought. To use a modern analogy, emotions are the software for our brain's hardwired perceptions. From a wide inventory of possible responses to any given situation, they determine what patterns of neurons we will illuminate and assemble.

We can perceive - i.e. can make up our minds - in many ways. We can be increasingly more creative and intelligent by realizing that we "assemble" our mind's perceptions. Understand a sort of GI/GO, GSI/GSO programming : Garbage in, garbage out -vs- Great stuff in and great stuff out..

We're apparently born with a hundred billion neurons and can create brand new ones at will; and any of these can be linked in a trillion ways, so we really do have genius potential. But we'll grin like apes at the prospect and go back to business as usual with this amazing data. Following the path of least resistance, we habituate our neural paradigms to fugget about it very quickly

For the sake of an analogy, imagine each neuron like a single frame in a billion picture roll of film. We move through life "snapping pictures" of our experiences and storing them in memory as (+) (-) digital values, depending how we feel. We re-experience them in a myriad ways by "thinking" them back to life.

Each conscious mind draws from its limiting sphere of memory. Our brain can summon units of memory going back to the primordial soup. Most of us, though, just replay select pictures of our film over and over. The minds lock into limited patterns or paradigms of its brain-use.

Conscious (or subconscious) memories become the templates that channel our behavior. The repetition of an action causes repetition of the reaction - or as the wise guys say: "Same shit, different faces!" - and soon the brain will entertain no alternatives.

Paradigms are the set ways in which "in-here" assembles its perceptions of "out there". They limit our creative potential and wellbeing. Our neurological patterns are habits keeping us anchored in mediocrity while, at every moment, an incredible, infinite, creative potential is everywhere about us.

Limiting paradigms - a neurological context - shape your memories, your mind and your life by telling you how things are. FOR YOU. This is interfering with your ability to think about what might be.

" Mind " is our instrument of discernment - good, bad, good, bad, bad, good, bad, bad, good programming, shapes the patterns and habits. These paradigms store and regurgitate memory in continuum, until a mind is "all made up".

Try to imagine what you could be missing.

Theophysics' Unified Field Formula reveals how the mind needn't be a mere rehash of what you've perceived and remember so far; it can be shaped into an extremely valuable resource. A receptor of high intelligence.

The mind is a generator of "creative capital". It can link with others to produce health, wealth and wisdom.

Creative self-empowerment training allows you to "re-pattern" old memories into whole new perceptions. There are dozens of syntheses, tools and exercises that can empower your "psyche". Creative intelligence is available as a conscious choice. Aware of a tiny fraction of your potential used for perceiving; imagine the possibilities of awakening worlds beyond your limiting neurons - as did all prophets, mystics, saints and sorcerers in history. All of them imagined paradise to be Heaven's intelligence on this Earth.

Here are a couple of very interesting things to consider about the creative process: 1. We've been directed by our significant others - by our immediate tribe or society - to encode and decode our perceptions in select fashion; 2. Once encoded, our mind's tribal perceptions and conclusions are very difficult to change.

Habitual ways of perceiving quickly become reflexes and actions.

Creative SELF-empowerment training means that thinking, behaving and living "outside of the box" have to become more than buzzwords. Detachment from limiting ways allows us to access new ideas and to assemble information in creative new ways..

Dare to think differently. Learning new skills means laying down new neuropathways. The limits to personal creativity are natural. When a brain experiences something for the first time, it perceives an open potential - and its memory of that potential can be registered in a great many ways, with all kinds of variations. As soon as an experience gets defined though, any later similar experience will be anticipated and tainted by the expectation now supplied by the selected memory. Of all potentials, brain/mind now offer few variations. Defining an experience means referring it to a past. Research shows how sometimes memory can overpower an actual new experience and cause it to be repeated, relatively..

If a brain experiences an event a third time in a familiar fashion, the experiences set the brain/mind definition and the brain/mind no longer offer variations. From now on, it will be difficult to get that brain/mind to change its opinion.

Practiced insistence makes it so. That means we'll move forward as the prisoners of our past. "How" we connect the pictures of our life experiences is the only difference between us - not particularly what we connect but 'how' we do it. What about your habits? How do you behave most often? Do you lead or follow? Laugh or cry? Are you learning from life or are you its victim? Are you living the law?

We project past experiences into the present, co-creating it. As soon as we've practiced fear, or anger, or apathy or any other negative reactions to life long enough, it becomes "the way I am". Well the fact of the matter is while we live inside those fear-based perceptions, we are not creating love-based ones.

As your future unfolds, each "now" is met with "your past" insistances, "your ways" or "brain/mind habits".

Creative self-management can change all that. SELF-empowerment means actually doing new and different.

A paradigm reflexed reality.


The left panel shows the neurological connections of a baby just after its birth;

the center panel shows the neural connections of a 6 month old child and, on the right is a 2 year old's.

We can make new connections everyday of our lives or get stuck in a rut of repetition and limiting paradigms.

Paradigm-shift out of your limits.

A proactive evolution is available by stimulating and activating the brain's neurons into preselected "neuropathways". We can choose to link new "neural nets". You can choose to awaken specific higher circuits and get magical.

"How" this is done can be understood in simple GI/GO and GSI/GSO programming (garbage in/garbage out -vs- great stuff/great stuff out).

In example, imagine a shy person deciding to spend a radical weekend stark raving naked in some naturist resort. That experience would proactively create thousands of new neuralpathways that could completely remodel the shyness. Aware of the results of the process, a shy person might even savor the feelings of embarrassment, knowing that the heat and facial/body redness are nothing more than currents of energy - consciousness - illuminating a lot more pathways on the way to liberation: shyness nirvana.

Conscious choice can melt shyness into a faded, old, yucky, memory.

Connect with the neurons that'll do you most good. By selecting or creating the neuropathways and networks needed for some noble task increases your awareness of your capacity to grow in creative spirit, aside from allowing you to reap incredibly creative thought/memories.

New neural circuits can link you up with the realizations and traits listed below. Figure out what circuitry you use most often and how to imprint the neurons and access the circuits that'll serve you best.

Creative magic is the ritual awakening. To paraphrase the formula:

Energy (also called consciousness or soul) contained in your spine = Force (AKA - your will or Kundalini)

Force focused on 7 chakras (or your endocrine/immune system) = Power

(as enriched & balanced hormones reaching your brain's synapses)

Power - Obstruction = Vitality

(from limited awareness to ONEness or cosmic consciousness)

(Access the 8th dimension - morphic Intelligence or the creative or quantum SPIRIT )


With a little practice you can count on collecting interest from the investment in your "creative capital". Imagine living in Heaven while still on this Earth and then make it so ...here and now.

The following synthesis is a very brief look at the potential. As you scroll down, recognize that MIND EXPANSION means - in fact - an ascent in spirit, from the physical to the morphic states of consciousness. Here, matter is MIND, and all things are possible. Fewer are probable though ;-o)





1. The amphibian/reptilian brain circuits and the PHYSICAL realm of consciousness

Of course - if you take responsibility for your own brain/mind you're on your way to being creative. When you consider the alternative - i.e. continuing to be limited by the past, by the tribe, by events or by circumstances outside of you own doing - then the prospect of investing in your creative SELF makes plenty of sense. Either way - READ MY BOOK, and then let's discuss the potential.


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