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Defining terms that express

« theophysics » as a science of creation

Abyss : Indivisible void between existences - See Existence and Hyperspace

Accumulator : The space where energy is stored as it gathers to pass between two planes of existence;

Aeon, Age : Indefinitely long period of time;

Amplitude : Maximum departure from equilibrium;

Asana : Postures taught in the context of mastering the "flow" of subjective perceptions;

Assemblage point : Precision where the persona assembles components that become « subjective I's » perceptions; an energenetic "knot" that binds individual noospheres to infinite awareness; the "intent" that ties the continuum into a whole (as in Time-Space + Dimension);

Astral plane : The state of consciousness where memory, emotion and desire are manifest;

Atmic plane : The state of consciousnes where the soul is manifest;

Aura : A subtle part of the electromagnetic field that extends from the physical body - see "noosphere"; the vital energy molding the physical body at quantum levels; the "energy whole" that contains subjective memory;

Awareness : The primary resonance by which we give value to energy - Awareness of awareness is a magnitude 2 resonance which assigns an absolute value to energy - See "magnitude";

Capacitor : The mechanism that gives stored energy the capability of being used;

Cell : A unit of life;

Chakra : A transducer of energy, changing it into an active and a passive force - A space where vital energy interacts with the endocrine/immune system;

Conjunction : Occurrence in the Time/Space/Consciousness continuum;

Consciousness : Energy identified as awareness that is both universal and personal (when focused, a Point in Time-Space);

Cosmos : Order (as opposed to chaos which means disorder); Order can be subjectively confirmed at the Ømega point in consciousness;

Covenant : The contract or context for the link between Creator and Creation;

Create : To cause existence - to bring into being;

Creation : Existence - that which is manifest or ALL that is brought into being;

Creativity : Capacity to shift perceptions and bring awareness into being;

DNA : Dioxiribonuceic Acid - Nucleus of the cell responsible for all hereditary and evolutionary characteristics - It can be perceived as a double helix interwining and as four strands of awareness;

DNA : Direct noosphere Advertising, i.e. the process by which consciousness is manipulated at the inner spiritual plane by propaganda from the outside;

Ego : Essential identity as a subjective person - Self-image - Awareness as a physical, emotional and intellectual presence;

Eidetic recall : Accurate and vivid units of awareness perceived via memory circuits;

Electromagnetic Force: Waves of energy arranged as electric and magnetic fields;

Energy : Potential or capacity for doing work; present both as matter and the absence of matter (as radiance) - Energy has been proven interconvertible as [e = mc2], constant as [e = hf] and having a creating intent when perceived as a limitless oscillations of vibrating energy - The creating [l.o.v.e.] of universe;

Energenesis : Energy in the process of creating - See "Morphogenesis";

Engram : Cell's content as a hologrammatic image - A single unit of memory;

Entropy : Measure of energy unavailable for work during a process;

Etheric : Relative to density (or subtlety );

Evolution : Process of creative transformation;

Existence : Reality as exposed in experience, and as opposed to illusion or appearance;

Force : Energy contained so as to be capable of altering a state of rest or motion;

Frequency : Number of vibrations in a wave motion;

Fundamental Forces : The gravitational force, the electromagnetic force, the strong nuclear interaction (binding force) and the weak nuclear interaction (radioactive force);

Fusion : Transformation into 'One' - The space-time-consciousness continuum - [e=mc3] as the universal form;

Gaia : God as the matrix for life on Earth;

Galaxia : God as the universal forces;

God : ALLness including the nothingness from which ALLness emerges - A focus for the supreme creating intelligence in Nature;

Gravity : The force of attraction regulating the movement and density of units of mass in space;

Hertz : Unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second;

Homeostasis : The tendency towards equilibrium in an organism;

Hologrammatic : Multidimensional realism created of light and having specific identity;

Hypercube : Geometric pattern wherein the four-dimensional universe unfolds from a sixteen-dimensional time/space/consciousness continuum of Light;

Hyperspace : The containment vehicle for universe or the "no thingness" from which universe is emerging - The point wherein light=constant=Allness in the form e = mc3.

Hypersphere : The radiance from hyperspace ; think blackhole and eventually you'll get to "surrender", crossover to Everywhere-Nowhere - Field without force;

Identity : Qualities that constitute objective existence;

Igual : Existence perceived as the world in decay (Olmec) - The world of the dead (see Nagual, Tonal and Uinal);

Incubator : Matrix designed to maintain constant equilibrium;

Intellectual plane : State of consciousness where ideas are expressed;

Intelligence : Process linking knowledge into ideas;

Karma : Process of law, from cause to effect;

Lattice : Regular network of fixed points where different states of existence vibrate;

Levitron : Technological aspects of consciousness expansion;

Light : Variations in electromagnetic wavelength which influence subjective perception so as to cause awareness to become observed;

Logoïc plane : State of consciousness where the actualization of Creative Intent is expressed;

l.o.v.e. : The « limitless oscillations of vibrating energy » that are the world ; universe as energy in constant motion [e = mc2] and [e = hf]), experienced as an e-motional (+/-) force;

Macrocosm : Universe of the very large;

Magick : Art of causing change to occur in conjunction with “true will” and therefore science... pure and applied - The letter K is the mathematical symbol for potential is used to distinguish spiritual magic from illusion and stage play;

Magnitude : Measure of relative brightness - Magnitude 2 is approximately 2.51 times brighter than the first magnitude, etc. ; The universe can be expressed in 5 magnitudes of creating Light ;

Mathematics : Science using numbers and formulae to prove or disprove abstract ideas;

Megatron : A matrix capable of correlating great amounts of information;

Meme : A self-replicating cluster of ideas - the glue that shapes related awareness into the credence of the times - Thoughts or beliefs that galvanize into a social force - An inorganic life form that compels people to act;

Meridian : Longitudinal passageway allowing a flow of awareness between the poles of the human noosphere;

Metaphysics : Science that deals with the ultimate nature of reality and existence by examining personal experience;

Microcosm : Universe of the very small;

Mind : Interaction between consciousness and brain;

Monad : Unit that expresses two things as the polarities of one thing;

Monadic plane : State of consciousness where evolutionary direction is expressed as a voyage in depth to an experience of fusion;

Morpheme : Primary sensation event which imprints a group of neurons with a perception of an experience;

Morphic : Vibration of tonal causation - State of consciousness where infinite awareness is expressed;

Morphogenesis : Idea, thought, word or tone that causes something to come into being ex. the "Logos" creating the world - Consciousness - See "Energenesis" and "Tonal";

Motivation : Inner urge animating movement - The direction of a wave motion;

Meta-motivation : Inner urge prompting action with a purpose - The "intent" of a wave motion;

Miasm : Influence which tends to deplete or corrupt the noosphere;

Mystic : Person having direct union with the nature of the Divine (a nagual);

Nagual : Containment vehicle for the "tonal" universe - Hyperspace - The world that is unperceived (Olmec) - A mystic or sorcerer who connects with Infinite (Toltec) - See Igual, Tonal and Uinal;

Nature : The four fundamental forces as Galaxia and life-formed as Gaia;

Negative : Convention to regard existence as a minus (-) - A value expressing a potential event - The absence of positive expression;

Neuron : Biological cell from which the nervous system is composed and which receives and transmits impulses of energy as awareness;

Neuropathways : Circuits of linked neurons wherefrom awareness is manifest as memories and reflexes;

Noosphere : The human paradigm as an electromagnetic aura charged with awareness - A sphere of memory in space/time which can be analyzed with quaternion vectors in coplanor trigonometry;

Oscillation : Periodic fluctuation between states of existence;

Olmec : Intertropic's "mother" culture; People who existed between southern Peru and the Mississippi basin from 400BC, back into antiquity;

Ømega point - Perception is measured as the interaction between "consciousness" and brain with an EEG (electroencephalogram); the Gamma and Beta brainwave states measure conscious thought while Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves perceive thought as dreamstates, and at the Ømega point or "the flatline state", consciousness no longer interacts with brain and the perceiver experiences pure "LIGHT";

Paradigm : The perceptual limits that supply the context of our worldview; paradigms are the subjective neural patterns that serve as models for reality (see noosphere);

Paradise : The fusion of inner bliss and Earth husbandry - A creative global paradigm;

Particle/wave : Unit of mass which changes in a physical sense so as to also be measurable as a wave in motion;

Periodic : Arrangement occurring or recurring in regular sequence;

Physical plane : State of consciousness where matter and form are expressed;

Physics : Science that deals with the ultimate nature of reality and existence by examining matter, energy, force and form;

Positive : Convention to regard existence as a plus (+) - a value expressing an actual event;

Power : Force that is focused;

Pranayama : Breathing methods taught within the context of mastering the "flow" of subjective perceptions;

Psyche : Mind of the essential "ego" - the ego's conscious and subconscious links to spiritual depths - Where subjective identity is given to the persona;

Pure Light : "ALLness" or universal energy as "awareness being aware of pure awareness" - Mystics have described the perception as the experience of seeing God aka: the soul, kundalini force, chi, ki, ku, life-force, and other names expressed by different metaphysical thoughts - It's the point of fusion e = mc3 in the unified field and the doorway to Theophysics

Quantum : Discontinuous value corresponding to an indivisible amount of energy;

Quaternion : In trigonometry, explains how space is curved into spheres;

Quincunc : Ancient Olmec symbol representing the fusion of time and space to subjective consciousness (kwinn'coonch) - A healer's energy medicine wheel;

Radiance : Quality of energy traveling as an electromagnetic waveform;

Radionics : Science that deals with handling the subtle energies;

Rapture : State of maintained ecstasy - The ascension of the soul (the primal energy rises from the base of the spine up the center of the spinal cord to enter the brain) provokes a fusion of the brain's hemispheres into a superconscious realization of “I AMness”;

Reality : Genuine existence as exposed in conscious, willed, heartfelt experience, and as opposed to mere appearance, pretence or delusion;

Resonance : Prolongation of tone caused by a secondary vibration;

Ritual : Ceremonial action used to create a morpheme - an emotional event; a polar opposite to "habitual";

Rule : An understanding which establishes order;

Science : The art of amassing measurable and verifiable information;

Self : The essential identity as it links the subjective persona to the objective and transpersonal Soul;

Sorcery : Art of self-transformation to attain a direct perception of Infinity;

Soul : The essential identity that links subjective persona to the creating Intent of Universe;

Space : An amount of [time x consciousness];

Spiritual plane : State of consciousness where universe is expressed as the creating energy;

Strong Nuclear Force: Interactions which assembles energy into form;

Superstring : Great bundle of energy;

Surrender : In a spiritual sense, connecting EGO to the way of "ONE_ness";

Sylvantherapy : From the Latin "forest", a therapeutic art that uses the forces in Nature to promote maximum wellness - It's based on the principle of "emanations within/without" and willful alignment;

Synchronicity : An opening in universal time that affects subjective perception; it can be individual or collective;

Synergetic : Interacting systems; systems within systems; See Synergetics as the geometry of thinking ;

TEO : How the Spanish conquerors translated the Mesoamerican idea of a universal and creating Intent, the ALLness; (Theophysics is its modern interpretation);

Tesseract : A wrinkle in time that allows a transmigration of consciousness through space;

Tetragrammaton : Creative order expressed as 4 elemental emanations - Fire, Water, Air Earth - from which Spirit emerges ; origins in qabalistic thought - The inpouring word of God (from - Yod, He, Vau, He - becoming Yahweh and Jehovah) expressed as the forces in universe - See Quaternion vectors in Trigonometry;

Tetrahedron : Most basic universal form in which three triangles are joined to make a four-sided structure; having 12 harmonics, two tetrehedrons form 1 cube;

Theophysics : Science that deals with reality and existence as a creative process;

Time : Amount of [space x consciousness];

Time travel : Transmigration of [consciousness x space] through a valency bond with a different time lattice;

Toltec : Mesoamerican culture in Northern and Central Mexico that revived the "teo physics" of the Olmec circa 900AD to disastrous results (they discovered that God cannot be imposed socially, only willed personally);

Tonal : A vibrational quality - Any descriptive term which can be attributed to existence describes the tonal world (Olmec) - See Igual, Nagual and Uinal;

Transducer : Mechanism which receives waveforms of transmitted energy from one or more media and supplies related waveforms to other transmission systems;

t-200 : Radionic device which modulates (adjusts the frequency of) the time-space-consciousness continuum - A "time" window;

t-700 : Radionic device which modulates time so as to create a "tesseract" in the space-time-consciousness continuum - A mechanism allowing a transmigration to different coordinates in infinity - A "time" doorway or portal;

Uinal : Existence perceived as the world of emergence (Olmec) - See Igual, Nagual and Tonal;

Unifield : The Unified Field Formula - The description of ALLness as ONEness by mathematically joining subjective perception to the four fundamental forces in Nature;

Universe : Form, matter, energy and space - The world whose existence is experienced by human perception as a multi-dimensional space-time continuum - The perceivable as defined objectively (for a subjective view see "world");

Utopia : State where an undetermined percentage of the citizens experience the effect of rapture;

Valency : Liaison of forces which allow energy to be used in combinations, the link by which atoms can be held into different elements for example - Skips in a noosphere's valency allow miasms to degrade the mold and cause dis/ease whereas higher valency bonds allow a connection with a separate reality;

Vibration : Unit measuring movement, a sequence of which becomes a frequency;

Volition : A quality of "willing" which is experienced as an empowered acquiessence;

Waveform : An energetic displacement in hyperspace which can be illustrated as a periodic quantity of space/consciousness in time;

Wavelength : Movement of a wave over distance in time;

Wave motion : Propagation of a periodic disturbance carrying energy;

Weak Nuclear Force : Interactions which cause matter and form to decay;

Will : Intensity of awareness at the third magnitude (l.o.v.e. and "Creative Intent" are awareness at fourth and fifth magnitudes) - See "awareness";

World : Existence as perceived and described subjectively - For existence as agreed to objectively see Universe;


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